As one of the world’s top healthcare organizations, Mass General Brigham is home to modern medicine’s newest and most innovative technologies. Keeping these systems running for the millions of patients it serves annually requires highly skilled information systems professionals — just like Elise Flammia ’21.  

“I understand the technical components of what we’re implementing, but I also have the perspective of how it fits into our business goals and the larger landscape of where we’re trying to go,” said Flammia, who parlayed an undergraduate internship with the organization into her current role as a business analyst in the hospital system’s Office of Information Security & Privacy. “One of the reasons I went to Stonehill was to develop that well-rounded, analytical, critical-thinking skill set.”

Flammia said that pairing her studies in management information systems (MIS) with a minor in data analytics provided her with the combination of technical expertise with strong business skills she gained at the College has proven invaluable as she begins her career.  

With these types of skills highly sought after by employers, Stonehill’s MIS program is poised to strengthen its position as a leader in the field at a time when information technology (IT) demand is only increasing.  

Lucy Almberg ’21 stands in front of Deloitte in Oslo, Norway.

“The industry is having a hard time finding really good IT professionals,” said Michael Salé, associate professor of management information systems and chair of the Management and Business Analytics Department at Stonehill. “Every organization has an IT department, so there are jobs everywhere. It’s such an important skill set in the business world today.”  

The MIS program’s curriculum covers an array of topics essential to a successful management information systems career, including database applications and management, data communications, networking, cybersecurity, project management, programming, decision-making, and business intelligence and analysis. These specialized studies build on a core business curriculum that all Stonehill business students take.

“The concepts I learned throughout my MIS courses have set a foundation for the work I do on a daily basis,” said Lucy Almberg, who now works at Deloitte in Oslo, Norway, as technology and controls risk advisory senior consultant. “All my professors throughout the MIS program were dedicated to preparing students for their next steps in life and creating a positive learning environment for all.” 

“Our MIS students have a very solid business background,” said Salé. “When they’re in the workforce, they’re going to be on cross-functional teams with lots of people from different business areas. Our graduates have a firm understanding of how businesses work.” 

Tye Skeldon ’23, who is a sales development representative at Planet Technology, returned to campus recently for a career fair.

Tye Skeldon ’23 credits his Stonehill degree with giving him a competitive edge in his current role as a sales development representative at Planet Technology.  

“On day one, I felt much more prepared than some of my other colleagues hired on the same day who had just a general business degree,” said Skeldon, who combined his degree with minors in communications and entrepreneurship. “I had a strong technical background, so I was already familiar with many of the terms and concepts, while other employees needed more coaching.” 

In this field, you get to see the entire business in a way that you don’t get to anywhere else. It felt very tangible to work directly alongside engineers and other professionals.

For current student Michael Daversa ’24, an internship for medical device company MannKind Corp. has opened his eyes to the breadth of opportunities — sometimes unexpected ones — that an MIS degree provides.  

“In this field, you get to see the entire business in a way that you don’t get to anywhere else,” said Daversa, who this fall will be continuing his internship at the company, which creates less invasive treatments for diabetes. “It felt very tangible to work directly alongside engineers and other professionals.” 

But what’s most important to Daversa is the sense of purpose his work in the field provides.  

“I work for a company that really resonates with me,” he said. “It’s given me a new perspective on something I already knew. I feel like I’m making a difference.” 

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