Journal Titles in the Classic Catalog

The MacPháidín Library has a collection of journals, newspapers and magazines in electronic full text, paper and microform formats. To find journal titles in paper or microform format, search in our Classic Catalog. To find journals in online format, search our EJournals.

  • Use the journal title search. At the web title search screen, type in Journal of American History. If the library owns this title, either the record for the title will appear on the screen or you will be presented with a list results.

  • If you receive a results screen, there may be more than one match for your title. In the case of The Journal of American History, there are three entries. The first entry is for the current version of the Journal of American History, The second entry is for the same record - this record has an additional title in its record. The third entry is for a journal (The Mississippi Valley Historical Review) that was continued by the Journal of American History.

  • Click on the first entry to see the record for The Journal of American History. Notice that we own the rights to the full text of this from 1914 to 2002 in JSTOR and from June 1999 to the present direct from the publisher. Click on either of the links to see the electronic version. Underneath the box with the links is where the information about our print and microform copies is displayed. In this case, this item is located in the Periodicals collection and, as such, is shelved by title. The Lib. Has statement explains where the individual issues are shelved. For this title, volumes 51-75 (which covers the years of 1964-1989) are on microfilm. Microfilm is located in the microforms alcove on the first floor of the library towards the back, left-hand side of the building. Volumes 76 to the present are bound which means they are in print format. Print titles that are from five years ago or later are shelved in the Periodicals section on the first floor of the library - in the stacks on the left or south part of the building. All print titles that are older than five years are shelved on the second floor of the library in the stacks on the left or south part of the building.
  • You may want to search one of the citation indexes for information. See pages about Finding Journals and Journal Articles for more information.

  • It is possible to search for periodicals relating to certain subjects. For example to see a listing of all periodical items in the library catalog relating to history, do a keyword search. In the search box, type in "(s:periodicals) AND (s:history)."This search can be altered for any subject, but you must always use the (s:periodicals) search term. This limits your search to just journals, magazines or newspapers.