*It is strongly recommended that you make use of the library’s electronic reserves system (Ares) rather than asking the Document Center to print a course pack. To do this, please contact The Desk in the library (508-565-1313). Please also keep in mind that the library will put hard copies of books, journal articles, DVDs and music CDs on reserve if there are copyright restrictions to online posting.

Course packs are compilations of articles, chapters and other texts that are bound together for use in a particular class. Courts have ruled that course packs require permission if they are produced by a commercial copying firm. Although some experts claim these rulings do not apply to copying done by (non-profit) college copy centers, most schools assume that permission is required, and this is Stonehill’s policy.

The Document Center will not print course packs unless proof of copyright compliance under Fair Use or by paid permission is provided.  It is the responsibility of faculty to provide this information.  The reserves staff at the library can assist in this process. 

Procedure for putting together a course pack to be sold at the Bookstore:

  1. Submit requests with original documents or full citations to the Library staff at the The Desk.
  2. Deadline: At least 2 full weeks prior to the start of a semester.
  3. All materials included in a course pack must include the original copyright notice (who owns the material) and attribution to the source.
  4. Under no circumstances may a course pack include an entire book or journal, or material taken from consumables such as workbooks, lab manuals or standardized tests.
  5. Library staff will determine if materials are copyright compliant ** and if so will sign a form indicating we have approved the items for a course pack. This form will go with the course pack to the Document Center and then to the Bookstore, where the form is kept on file.
  6. Charges to students for course packs may only be used to recover production costs and immediate overhead, including royalty fees. (This allows a bookstore to include a reasonable markup for managing the distribution of a course pack.)

**Course pack not copyright compliant?

Materials which do not meet Fair Use guidelines may be scanned and put into Ares (electronic reserves) and then added to your eLearn course. The Library staff will obtain copyright permissions or notify you if permissions are not granted.

More information about Course Reserves is available.

For more information, contact Allison Keaney at 508-565-1289 or akeaney@stonehill.edu.

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