Finding Titles in Hillsearch

In the Hillsearch box, type the title of the item you are looking for; be as EXACT as possible.  The results may come from the title, subject and note fields.  

When no match is found, a similar title will be suggested:

Screen shot of title search in HillSearch

SEARCH TIP: When searching for a one word title, include the author name. For instance, to find the book North, by Seamus Heaney, the title of the book is a common word; you would need to include “Heaney” to obtain relevant results.

In Hillsearch Advanced Search, use the drop down arrow to select Title and type the exact title in this box.

Screen shot of advanced title search in HillSearch

You may use the second search box to specify the subject, author name or keyword and retrieve more specific results.

Screen shot of advanced title search page in HillSearch

SEARCH TIP: Contents notes in the full bibliographic record for a book, a collection of poetry or short stories, or in a music recording are also considered titles and may be retrieved using a Title Search.   They are also retrieved with a keyword search.

Screen shot of contents notes in HillSearch

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