With the coronavirus disrupting the academic year and many students facing financial hardships, alums and friends have been asking how they can help?

Consider our Bridge Fund, which addresses short-term challenges with financial support, or the Stonehill College Fund, that gives the College flexibility as to where the funds are needed most.

A Student's Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken my senior year and flipped it upside down.

I had big plans for the final eight weeks of my last semester at Stonehill, including my final Relay for Life event, my last a cappella concert with Girls from the Hill, many more Student Alumni Association meetings, and sharing every moment with the friends I have made over the last four years. It was heartbreaking to not return to campus after spring break.

Even though I am currently grieving every aspect of the on-campus experience, I am thankful for the community that still has the opportunity to exist even though we are not physically on campus. Despite it all, Stonehill students, staff, and faculty alike have reminded me that there is still some “lux et spes.”

I am grateful for the Stonehill faculty and staff, who have had to completely modify their syllabi and schedules in an incredible short period of time, but have also taken the opportunity to reach out to make sure that I’m okay. I have never doubted for one second that I picked the right school. This pandemic cannot take away the light and hope that radiates through every member of the Stonehill community.

Emma-Cate Rapose, Class of 2020

Bridge Fund

Stonehill is committed to helping every student graduate.

The Bridge Fund enables a quick turnaround for funding requests from qualified students whose families are facing inordinate financial hardship. These families have had an unexpected financial setback and their student is in danger of not being able to complete their college education.

Your support of the Bridge Fund helps us to assist more students and their families to meet unexpected financial demands and fulfill their goal of a Stonehill education.

Stonehill College Fund

The Stonehill College Fund is one of the largest sources of fundraising support for the College.

Stonehill is grateful for the support provided by alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the College.

Your generosity makes it possible to offer our students the best educational opportunities and programs, giving them the tools to create a more just and compassionate world.