How We Began

Donahue Hall
Donahue Hall

In September 1948, some 134 students — many of whom were veterans from World War II — gathered with the eight teachers who would serve as their faculty to celebrate Mass at the Chapel in Donahue Hall.

That small gathering of students and teachers marked the beginning of Stonehill College. 

Celebrating 75 Years

Our 75th anniversary provides the College a unique opportunity to honor its exceptional past, celebrate its present and build its promising future.

Stonehill would not have been possible without the involvement and generosity of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends. 

Supporting Stonehill

group of students

The Stonehill College Fund creates readily available funds that provide our students with academic offerings, scholarships, faculty excellence, community service opportunities, co-curricular programs and top-notch campus facilities — all the areas of the College that make a Stonehill education exceptional.

Annual engagement and support of the extended Stonehill community — alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends — have strengthened the College and fostered its greatest advancements.

The success of the Stonehill College Fund — and the strength of the College — will always depend on a collaborative spirit of giving. Each of us has our own Stonehill story, and there are many inspiring reasons to support Stonehill through the Stonehill College Fund.

Tell us your story of why you give! 

I have such fond memories of my time at Stonehill and am so grateful for the education and experiences that I had. My time at Stonehill strengthened my Catholic faith and encouraged my desire to serve others. My involvement in service projects while on campus led to my current career of serving others, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Honor Our 75th Anniversary

Your gift to Stonehill in celebration of the College's 75th anniversary provides an immediate and direct impact on students experiencing Stonehill at this very moment through Academics, Scholarships, Athletics, and Mission and Service.


Our academic approach challenges students to engage in rigorous courses of study; to apply their growing knowledge through research, writing and oral presentations; and to put that knowledge to work and to service through internships, field work and community-based learning.

You guarantee a personalized educational experience for each of the 2,500 students enrolled at Stonehill College.


Scholarships substantially grow access and deepen the College’s capacity to inspire every student, guided by stellar faculty, to chart a unique journey in life. More than 90% of Stonehill College students receive some form of financial assistance.

You ensure that academic ability, not the ability to pay, determines who receives a Stonehill education.


Stonehill student-athletes are challenged and championed on the playing field and in the classroom. At the College, success truly is more than a win-loss record. It’s about working hard and developing attitude, drive and skills that are vital in sports and in life.

The GoHill Fund supports more than 500 Stonehill College student-athletes across 23 varsity sports providing our coaches and students with the resources they need to compete and succeed at the highest levels.

You support the active role that competition, fitness and co-curricular activity play in the lives of our student-athletes.

Mission and Service

Our students are constantly finding new and inventive ways to change the world through service. They’re in it for the experience, the people and because it’s the right thing to do. Each year, Stonehill students provide nearly 100,000 hours of community service through programs such as The Farm at Stonehill and H.O.P.E. Service Immersion Program, among others. Service experiences build leadership skills, broaden their understanding of diversity and develop a keener sense of justice.

You encourage service opportunities locally and around the world.

1948 Loyalty Society

1948 Loyalty Society with columns

Individual generosity helped create this great College, and our dedicated alumni have continued to support Stonehill through annual giving. This crucial support at all levels helps to sustain Stonehill's pursuit of its mission and transnational educational experience.

These committed donors recognize that annual gifts serve as the foundation for Stonehill's growth. Membership comprises of alumni who have made gifts to the College for at least four out of six consistent years and GOLD Alumni (Graduates Of the Last Decade) who have contributed for three out of six consistent years with gifts of any amount to any designated area at Stonehill.

Participation in the 1948 Loyalty Society signifies being part of a special community of donors dedicated to shaping the future of Stonehill. It's a community making a difference in every area of the College — from academics, mission, scholarships and co-curricular activities.

Your generosity helps perpetuate a virtuous cycle — by giving back to the College, you enable us to benefit society and educate current and future students. It is our hope that these students will someday join you as esteemed members of the 1948 Loyalty Society.

Learn More: 1948 Loyalty Society

Your Gifts Make a Difference

Lux et Spes Society

Alumni, parents, and friends who have either included Stonehill in their estate plans or arranged a deferred gift may join the Lux et Spes Society.

The Lux et Spes Society, established in 2005, gives the College the opportunity to acknowledge your thoughtful planning for Stonehill’s future. Translated from Latin, the motto Lux et Spes means Light and Hope, which represents the central tenets of the Stonehill experience.

Reasons for Giving

What's Your Reason?

In honor of Stonehill's 75th anniversary, please share your reason for supporting the College.

Did you benefit from scholarship support, participate in a life-changing study abroad program or service trip? Did you have professors that influenced your career, participate in a sport or activity you loved or did you make the friends of a lifetime?

Whatever your reason, gifts to the Stonehill College Fund ensure students are able to make the most of their Stonehill experience.

Support Stonehill

Thank you for your support of Stonehill in honor and in celebration of our 75th anniversary — you make a difference!

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75th Anniversary

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