Light and Hope

Donahue Hall
Donahue Hall

The Lux et Spes Society, established in 2005, gives the College the opportunity to acknowledge your thoughtful planning for Stonehill’s future.

Members are routinely sought out for their input concerning strategic and mission-driven decisions made by the College. Membership also provides donors with special and advanced opportunities to be involved with on- and off-campus College events.

Thank You

It is with deep appreciation that we recognize those individuals and families who have made gifts to Stonehill through their estate plans, which ensure future support for the College’s educational mission, and we welcome them into the Lux et Spes Society. Translated from the Latin, the motto Lux et Spes means Light and Hope, which represents the central tenets of the Stonehill experience.

2021 Lux et Spes Society Memebers

✝ - Deceased

Mr. Terrence O. Ahearn ✝
Mr. Colin Ahern '14
Mr. Donald P. Ahern ✝
Mrs. Elizabeth Ames ✝
Mr. William Ames
Mr. David E. Anderson '72 ✝
Ms. Mary J. Bannon ✝
Mr. Charles F. Barrett '59
Rev. Ernest J. Bartell C.S.C. ✝
Mr. Joseph J. Basile '74
Mr. Stanley A. Bauman ✝
Ms. Mary J. Boland ✝
Mr. Joseph Bonica '74 & Ms. Diane McNicholas Bonica '74
Mrs. Mary Beth E. Brown ✝
Ms. Roberta A. E. Cairns '66
Mr. Arthur J. Carriuolo ✝
Mrs. Nancy A. Carter '02
Mrs. Linda Carucci '77
Mrs. Lorayne Cascino ✝
Ms. Mary A. Cazemiro ✝
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cerce Jr. '63
Ms. Esther-Ann Chamberlain '68
Estate of Sherry Christopher ✝
Mr. James A. Cincotta '84
Mr. F. Ross Clark III
Mr. Thomas I. Clarke '74 & Mrs. Rosemary Chadwick Clarke '74
Estate of Michael Cobb ✝
Estate of Bernard Cohen ✝
Ms. Linda M. Commito '72
Mrs. Mary H. Connolly '52 ✝
Mr. Thomas Connolly ✝
Mr. Louis M. Corcoran ✝
Ms. Margaret F. Corr ✝
Ms. Leah C. Coughlan
Mr. Edward L. Coughlin ✝
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Coughlin
Rev. Albert A. Croce C.S.C. ✝
Mrs. Clare R. Crossley '62 ✝
Mr. William "David" Crossley ✝ & Mrs. Maryann Crossley
Mr. Paul V. Daly '62
Damon Family Trust
Msgr. Mimie B. Pitaro ✝
Mr. A. Michael DeSisto '62 ✝
Ms. Gloria E. Distasi '81 ✝
Dr. John H. Doyle ✝
Mr. Richard J. Dwyer '62 ✝
Mr. James J. Fleming '54 ✝
Mr. Paul B. Flynn '57 ✝ & Mrs. Aline Flynn
Mr. Carlton F. Forra ✝
Mr. Vincent L. Galvin ✝
Ms. Susan M. Anastasi George '68
Mr. & Mrs. James G. "Lou" Gorman '53 ✝
Mr. John R. Gorman '58 & Mrs. Mary Benson Gorman '58 ✝
Mr. Robert Goulet ✝
Mr. William J. Grant '69
Ms. Joanne C. Harrington '69
Mr. Walter K. Herlihy '68
Dr. Frank J. Hilferty ✝
Mrs. Barbara H. Hollis '78
Mr. John Houde ✝
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore F. Jula
Mr. Richard J. Kaegael '58
Mr. Robert J. Kane ✝
Estate of Irene M. Keehan ✝
Estate of Rev. Robert Kruse C.S.C. ✝
Mrs. Dorothy Vandermoot Lakso '71
Mrs. Diane Griffin Lambert '70
Dr. Joseph R. Lanning ✝
Estate of James & Peggy Lawlor ✝
Prof. Richard D. Lehan '52 & Mrs. Ann E. Lehan
Mr. Geoffrey Lennon '07 & Mrs. Erica DeFreitas Lennon '07
Dr. Paul R. L'Homme '55
Mr. George W. G. Lillyman '53 ✝ & Mrs. Frances Lillyman
Mr. Robert Loxley '69
Mr. Salvatore J. Lucido '89
Ms. Margaret C. Lynch ✝
Ms. Mary A. Manning ✝
Mrs. Susan A. Marathas
Mr. Edward E. Martin ✝
Mrs. Mary Anne McCann '00
Ms. Mary H. McCarthy ✝
Ms. Dianne R. McGinn ✝
Ms. Mary Gannon McGloine '10
Mr. & Mrs. R. David Meade '66
Mr. James K. Miller '80 & Mrs. Kathleen Moroney Miller '79
Mr. Owen K. Miller '77
Mr. Norman D. Millikan ✝ & Mrs. Theresa A. Gilmetti Millikan '55
Mr. Philip W. Moran '67 & Mrs. Beverly S. Moran
Ms. Jenny A. Notte '86
Mr. Michael Novak '56 ✝
Mr. John E. O'Connell II '53
Mr. William J. O'Connell ✝
Ms. Mary Owens ✝
Estate of Ugo Paparo ✝
Mr. Michael J. Pietrowski
Ms. Evelyn A. Rice '59 ✝
Ms. Barbara Wing Roache '77
Estate of Alma M. Ryan ✝
Mr. Lawrence C. Salameno ✝
Dr. Judith Salerno '73
Mrs. Susan Mullin Scott
Estate of Paul Sgarzi '73 ✝
Estate of John Shaunessy ✝
Ms. Ruth V. Sherry '60 ✝
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Shields ✝
Lois D. Simpson Trust
Mr. Joseph A. Skaff '57 & Ms. Jean M. Carleton ✝
Mr. MacKenzie Smith & Mrs. Jeannine M. Smith
Ms. Rita E. Smith '62
Mr. William D. Thompson
Mr. Robert J. Tighe ✝
Mr. Charles A. Tiso ✝
Mr. David M. Tracy
Ms. Jacquelyn H. Tracy '88
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest U. Walbourne Jr. ✝
Ms. Maureen Wall '81 ✝
Mr. Leonard M. Walsh Jr. '53 ✝
Mr. Michael F. Walsh '05
Estate of Rita Welch ✝
Mr. Ronald White '73 ✝
Ms. Ann M. Wile ✝
Dr. Robert E. Wilkinson '52 ✝

Gift Planning

By making a planned gift through your will or estate plan, you can create a personal legacy that will have a strong and lasting impact for Stonehill College.

Contact Stonehill

Please contact us to learn more about planned giving at Stonehill.