As you prepare to return for the spring semester, we ask you consider completing a pre-arrival quarantine. Be reminded that the incubation period for COVID-19 is between two and 14 days from exposure. Many times exposure occurs unknowingly, as many are symptomatic yet still shedding and spreading virus, especially at the start of the illness. Therefore, your actions up to two weeks prior to arrival to campus may significantly impact your health and the health of those around you. Thus, we strongly urge you to consider a 14-day quarantine at your home prior to returning to campus. If this is not feasible, we ask you to be intentional and careful about activities you participate in and your interactions with other people during the last two weeks of break, prior to return to campus in January. This will lay the groundwork for decreasing the risk and impact of contracting COVID-19 for you and the Stonehill community as you begin the spring semester.

Yes, the College will continue to require that all students, faculty, and staff be tested as part of an onboarding process, as well as weekly throughout the winter and spring.

More information is available on our Spring Return to Campus page.

Visit the Testing Center's webpage for their current hours and other COVID-19 Testing-related information.