The Farm at Stonehill's Community Partners

Since its inception, The Farm has donated more than 50,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to our four community partner organizations. Our produce reaches the tables of about 3,000 individuals or families each season, 400 each week, who may not otherwise have access to fresh, organic produce due to a number of social, economic, and geographical barriers.

The Farm at Stonehill donates all produce grown to four community partner organizations:

We rely on our community partner's knowledge of the adults, children and families they are serving through their emergency food programs, homeless shelters and family centers.

Produce Donated

Total donation amount to date
41,959 pounds of produce
Year Donation
2014 11,072 pounds of produce
2013 10,986 pounds of produce
2012 10,000 pounds of produce
2011 9,901 pounds of produce
“Many of the people we serve have access to food. Whether it be from a free lunch program or an item off the dollar menu of a fast food restaurant, there are ways for people to fill their stomachs. What we are concerned with at Father Bill's and MainSpring is offering a wide variety of food, meeting the nutritional needs and standards we would like to set for our very own families.
Through our relationship with Bridget and the Farm at Stonehill, we have been able to introduce many fresh produce items that we would not have otherwise had the ability to offer our guests. We have also become more able to accept items that are not delivered in bulk as a teaching tool for the folks who participate in our food service training program. Thank you for all you do, and we look forward to expanding on this fantastic relationship.”
 David Capozzi, Food Service Director, The Table at Father Bill’s MainSpring

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