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Bridget Meigs

Bridget Meigs

Farm Manager
Office: The Farm at Stonehill 508-565-1637

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Brimming With Hope as the Supermoon Rises

The first day of Spring arrives, and I find myself brimming with hope for another amazing season at The Farm. My early morning walks with Zuri around the fields areĀ filled with soft, warm light dancing on the frost covered grasses. It is hard to believe that in a few short months the morning dew will […]

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A Snowy, Sleepy Farm

At this time of year, with snow layered over cover crop and around the hoop houses, The Farm looks as sleepy as ever. And Zuri is just as sleepy as the rest of The Farm! Despite the deep snow settled like a blanket on The Farm, we are anticipating spring and the new growing season […]

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