The Farm at Stonehill

The Farm at Stonehill was established in January, 2011, in response to food access issues in the neighboring city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Since its inception, The Farm has donated over 80,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to our four community partner organizations. Via our four community partners and Mobile Market, our produce reaches the table of about 3,000 individuals or families each season who may not otherwise have access to fresh, organic produce due to a number of social, economic, and geographical barriers.


The Farm at Stonehill Launches Mobile Market

The Farm at Stonehill, through a $5,000 grant from Project Bread, is furthering its mission of providing our neighbors in Brockton with fresh, affordable produce with the launch of a Mobile Market.

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Support the Farm at Stonehill

Gifts to the Stonehill College Fund can be designated to the Farm at Stonehill. Making a gift is a great way to show your support for our mission and the communities we serve.


Our Mission

The Farm at Stonehill College is an initiative of the Mission Division of Stonehill College and operates under a two-part mission: (1) to make available fresh, nutritious, locally grown food to Brockton-area food pantries and meal providers to address food desert conditions, and (2) to enrich Stonehill students' academic and service endeavors by educating and actively engaging them in local and global food justice issues.

Our mission is achieved by:

  • Utilizing 1.5 acres of Stonehill College land to farm and grow nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  • Inviting the entire campus community - students, faculty, and staff - to join us in the fields and hoop-houses.
  • Connecting with food pantries, meal providers, and social service agencies in nearby areas to provide their clients with fresh and nutritious foods.
  • Developing and supporting programs that encourage healthy eating including cooking classes and an after-school garden program for elementary students.
  • Encouraging sustainable behavior on campus to encourage our community to contribute to a socially and environmentally just world.

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The Farm at Stonehill Blog

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