Nonprofit Incubation Space Partners

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DCCE Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM By Appointment Saturday 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM By Appointment


Brockton Worker's Alliance 
(Worker's Rights | Immigrant Rights | Labor) 

The Brockton Workers Alliance (further referred to as BWA) is a non-profit organization, sponsored by The Lynn Workers’ Center,that builds the power of immigrant workers and communities through collective action, advocacy and organizing. Brockton is the home of about 100,000 residents and almost half of them are immigrants and refugees mostly from Latin-America, Haiti and Cape Verde.  Many of them work in factories, carpentry, roofing and cleaning industries.The group was formed to bring issues of wage theft abuse due to immigration status that many of our neighbors living in this area confront in their places of work. BWA is an emerging racial and economic justice organization, playing an important role in increasing community outreach in Brockton to build power and win campaigns for low and moderate-income people that are impacted by recent Federal immigration decisions, and inadequate working conditions.

Community Autism Resources 
(Disability Awareness, Education, & Intervention) 

A place to start…A presence on your journey. Community Autism Resources provide resources, support and services to

Mary Fox, Intervention Specialist hosting "Ask the Experts- Autism 101" Luncheon.

individuals on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), theirfamilies, professionals and their communities. We offer a continuous array of services including: one-to one clinics & courses on a variety of topics; social & sensory programs; monthly family events; social events and supports to adults with ASD; grandparent brunches; a lending library; a college certificate program and assistive technology support. 

"We are delighted to be a member of the DCCE and hope we can offer assistance and support to our partners!"
 Barbara Domingue, executive director of CAR


Sabura Inc.
Cross Cultural Programming | Mentoring) 

The mission of SABURA (Student Ambassadors Bonded Under Recreation & Achievement) Youth Program is to educate, engage and empower youth, their families and the communities they hale from, on a local and global level, through carefully designed, culturally and linguistically relevant programming that is affordable, safe and affirming. Currently, we serve Brockton, MA youth from immigrant families—with a particular focus on those from Cabo Verde. During the school year, SABURA offers tutoring and special events; the 6-week summer program, however, is our signature project and includes day-today activities, weekly field trips, civic engagement, as well as culturally and linguistically relevant programs.

“The opportunity to collaborate with Stonehill College and share space at the DCCE at Harbor One Bank has opened up a world of possibilities for SABURA. Through this new venture, we can realize the long-held goals of building capacity and strengthening and expanding our work in collaboration with other local groups addressing the same urgent causes in our community.”
- Aminah Pilgrim, co-founder of SABURA, Inc.

Jefferson Award’s Foundation
Civic Engagement | Service)

 Our programs and partnerships drive Americans to change their communities and the world. Our two main programs LEAD360 and Students in Action work with school age kids to foster a love of service. LEAD360 makes service easy-to-do, fun and accessible by seeking outstanding youth ideas and replicating the best nationwide. Students In Action trains young leaders, helping them discover the issues they care about and providing tools for maximum measurable impact. 

Clemente Courses in the Humanities
Adult Education | New Economy Empowerment)

Clemente Courses in the Humanities provides free, accredited college courses in the humanities to those marginalized by economic hardship and adverse circumstances. Using the Socratic method, the Clemente Course provides a rigorous education in literature, philosophy, American history, art history, and critical thinking and writing. The experience of Clemente students around the world has demonstrated that through the dialectics of learning, in a caring and respectful classroom, participants develop crucial tools to set in motion personal and societal change, and are empowered to participate more fully in civic life. We are excited to work with the DCCE to have a space to help people create change through education.

Mentoring | Positive Law Enforcement Engagement) 

Choices4Teens Mentoring Group will provide a structured evidence based curriculum for youth to address various topics and issues related to drug, gang and violence prevention. The youth will engage in self-awareness exercises to explore their values, participate in conflict resolution role play and learn to make Positive Life CHOICES.

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