Downtown Center for Community Engagement

Since its founding, Stonehill College has been present in the city of Brockton in a multitude of ways. In order to deepen our commitment to the city and our community partners, The College in partnership with HarborOne Bank, has created the Stonehill Downtown Center for Community Engagement (DCCE). The DCCE intends to be a hub for community development, nonprofit resource sharing, and civic engagement for students, faculty, staff, and our broader community of neighbors in Brockton and beyond.



The Stonehill College Downtown Center for Community Engagement welcomes all community members to utilize this innovative and collaborative downtown space. Since 2015, we have hosted over 50 community groups, 4 organizational retreats, many topical trainings, and serve as home base for community work…


This summer the DCCE hosted a 10 week summer camp experience with KodeConnect, in which 14 Brockton students learned basic elements of coding. Collaborating with CBL, the Computer Science Department, and a locally based tech nonprofit, was a perfect equation for a successful DCCE program.

Students at the DCCE

Looking for a space to host a student leadership retreat, club meeting, or community classroom experience? Through connections with local restaurants, lawmakers, small businesses, and community agencies, the DCCE is a perfect location for off campus, high impact, student experiences.

Tenants of the DCCE:


Stonehill’s mission compels us to work towards the creation of a more just and compassionate world. The DCCE hosts partners who are actively engaged in this endeavor.  Some of the work that happens downtown is as follows:  

  • Coordination of community garden network that increases food access
  • Coalition building for youth development opportunities 
  • Adult alternative education courses, College Unbound & Clemente. 
  • Programming for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Professional Development and capacity building for local nonprofits serving the Brockton area
  • Service learning and cultivation in middle and high school students


The DCCE seeks to create a collaborative environment of innovation and learning. All members of the Stonehill community, faculty, staff, and students, along with our alumni, partners and friends are welcome to use the space for any number of the following:

  • Trainings 
  • Retreats
  • Community Meetings 
  • Classes
  • Programs & Events 
  • Art Displays


A key piece of the DCCE is our Nonprofit Incubation Space in which small nonprofits are provided with office space and shared resources as they get their new nonprofit organizations off the ground. One-year renewable contracts are provided, as are wireless, copying and printing facilities. The Incubation Space partners meet monthly to share best practices, provide organizational updates, and creatively think about ways in which the DCCE can support them in reaching their respective yearly capacity building goals. Our 2017-2018  Incubation Partner Organizations are: 

  • Brockton Worker's Alliance
  • Choices4Teens 
  • Community Autism Resources
  • Clemente Courses in the Humanities
  • Jefferson Awards Foundation
  • SABURA, Inc. 

New applications for Incubation Space partners will be available in June 2018, however if you'd like to express interest in a partnership at the DCCE- please email