Andrew McClellan ’09 to Amanda Garcia-Waters, 10/8/20

Anthony Rotella ’06 to Tara Burgess, 9/26/20

Asia Ewing ’14 to Terrence Watson, 6/20/20

Carolyn Powers ’10 to Samuel Guilford, 10/25/20

Mackenzie Mayes ’18 to Matthew Amadei, 2/21/20

Sarah Kozsan ’14 to Paul Fazio, 10/17/20 

Crystal Prizio ’14 to Jovan Zilic ’15, 10/23/20

Laurianne Ellis ’88 to Timothy Byrne, 8/23/20

Briana Burke ’13 to Adam Cox, 10/31/20

More Weddings 

Bruce Palombo ’99 to Vanessa Flores, 6/20/20

Michael Murteira ’09 to Christopher Yagoobian, 10/10/20

Michael Tatten ’09 to Katharine Cunningham, 4/4/20

Kristen McWhirter ’11 to Bradfield Page, 9/15/18

Francis Groccia ’12 to Lauren Melaugh ’13, 12/5/20

Shannon Morgan ’16 to Tyler McCabe, 10/2/20

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