Christina (Napoletano) ’08 and Zachary Crawford, Berlin, Conn., son, Aaron Stone, 3/9/20

Patrick McKenna ‘10 and Erin Wnorowski, Providence, R.I., son, Bray James, 8/2/20

Christina (Pedranti) ’08 and Edis Miljevic, Revere, son, Dino Ismet, 10/23/19

Coral Azarian ’09 and Daniel Kerl ’09, Salt Lake City, Utah, daughter, Cameron Ann, 1/9/20

Taylor (Campbell) ’16 and Thomas ’16  Flett, Lexington, son, John Paul, 10/28/20

Kristen (McWhirter) ’11 and Bradfield Page, Merrimack, N.H., daughter, Adalena Darlene, 12/9/20

Jacqueline (Ladino) ’10 and Benjamin ’10 Irzyk, Portsmouth, N.H., son, Owen Benjamin, 1/15/21

Marie (Provencher) ’10 and Stephen ’10 Morrill, Newmarket, N.H., son, Owen Gary, 9/10/20

Ashley (Testa) ’15 and Jefferson ’17 Clavel, Brockton, daughter, Pía Almudena, 2/17/21

Elizabeth (Enos) ’07 and Timothy Lydon, Rochester, daughter, Sydney, 5/5/20

More Babies

Margo Souza ’02 and Rachael English, Stevensville, Md., son, Tanner Christopher, 7/5/20

Kelly (Craven) ’03 and John Paul Maranda, Seabrook, N.H., son, Brady Xavier, 10/22/19

Kristin (Jackson) ’10 and Stian Jackson-Misje, Fyllingsdalen, Norway, daughter, Nora, 12/19/19

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