Alumni Community, Winter | Spring 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: The Joyful and Generous Spirit of the Class of 1970

WILLIAM MCANDREW ’70 began searching for his first job when he was a senior at Stonehill. Prior to graduation, he was hired to work with drug-addicted probationers in New Bedford Superior Court, a six-month position that turned into a fulfilling 36-year career. When asked about his secret to gaining employment, he's quick to credit the generous spirit of his off-campus housemate Francis X. Dillon ’70. 

As the story goes, McAndrew needed professional attire for his first interview in New Bedford, so Dillon lent him his herringbone suit. After a successful first interview, McAndrew was called for a second and, later, a third interview. Of course, each time he wore Dillon’s dapper suit, considering it a good luck charm. All these years later, McAndrew and Dillon reminisce with others about how that suit became an anecdotal part of the launching of a career.  

These are the types of stories and memories that the Class of 1970 Reunion Committee—a group of more than twenty alumni volunteers from the class [see list below]—enjoyed sharing as they planned for their 50th Reunion that was to be held this spring. Although the event is postponed because of COVID-19, the hard work of the committee will continue in a meaningful way. 

"We had been meeting regularly to ensure that our 50th Reunion would reflect the joyful and generous spirit of the class," says McAndrew, who serves on the committee. "While the actual event won't take place this spring, we are most excited to unveil a project that we have been working on for quite some time." 

A Memorial Scholarship 

Alumni from the Class of 1970 had been thinking of ways to honor their deceased classmates. Reunion committee member Brenda Hughes ’70 led the charge on creating the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship, a new award that will support Stonehill students who demonstrate financial need. 

For the first time in the College's history, an endowed scholarship is named to honor deceased members of an individual class. "The scholarship was created to celebrate our departed class members' lives and, in turn, create a 1970 legacy," says Hughes. 

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a rising senior. The Alumni Council Scholarship Committee is reviewing applications and will interview finalists before selecting the first recipient for the upcoming academic year. 

The scholarship was created to celebrate our departed class members' lives and, in turn, create a 1970 legacy."  —Brenda Hughes ’70

"We are proud to have this worthy initiative come to fruition," says McAndrew, who along with Hughes, co-chaired the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship Committee [see list below]. "Especially given this uncertain time, we understand how important scholarships are to students." 

Together Again 

The 50th Reunion Committee will continue to meet virtually and plan for when they can all be together to celebrate. "We look forward to coming back to the place where we started our journeys to becoming the people we are today," says Hughes.  

Dillon, who is the retired vice president for advancement and current senior counsel to the president at Stonehill—and former owner of that herringbone suit—reflects, "I have attended every 50th Reunion that Stonehill has ever had. Each year, I have witnessed renewed friendship, great stories and a sense of coming home. I know all of our classmates will have a terrific time back on campus when we can come together again."

Those who are interested in contributing to the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship can learn more online. The giving website includes a memorial section that identifies members of the Class of 1970 who have passed away.

—Allyson Manchester ’11

Class of 1970 Reunion Committee 

Pictured above, L to R: Charles Buckley, Mary Ann (Lyons) Moore, Peter LaBouliere, Marilyn Baer, Kathleen (Anderson) Bertrand, Brenda Hughes, William McAndrew, Georgette Ader Sullivan

Committee members not photographed: Eileen Cleary, Philip Contant, George Coombs III, Anne Desnoyers Hurley, Francis X. Dillon, Michael Dumoulin, Sandra Hareld, John Kerrigan, Janet (Sweeney) Michel, Jeanne (Lanigan) Noyes, Diane (Buckley) Robinson, Anne (McCormick) Rossetti, Margaret (Munn) Thayer

Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship Committee

Richard Arkuszewski, Marilyn Baer, George Coombs III, Daniel DeVasto, Francis X. Dillon, Michael Dumoulin, J. Gerald Hebert, Brenda Hughes, Peter LaBouliere, William McAndrew, Janet (Sweeney) Michel, Louis Milano, Mary Ann (Lyons) Moore