Alumni Community, Winter | Spring 2020


Maeve Katherine and Patrick William, 4/26/19, Katherine (Masson) Mullen ’09 and Patrick Mullen ’06

Sloane Mae, 6/18/19, Alisha Collins ’07 and Linsey Onishuk

Ryan John, 11/3/18, Sherry (D’Angelo) ’05 and Jonathan Crosby

Isaiah Michael, 8/6/19, Shayla Jordan ’08

Caroline Grace, 6/15/19, Jennifer (Sullivan) ’06 and Michael ’06 Lyons

Lydia Bailey, 7/24/19, Bailey (Karr) ’11 and Joseph Burke

Lincoln Lawrence, 7/1/19, Meaghan (Sweeney) ’08 and Benjamin Rabinovitch

Cooper Francis, 6/28/19, Jennifer (Collins) ’08 and Francis ’08 Cavaliere

Abigail Fiona, 6/25/19, Emma (Sevigny) ’10 and Jonathan ’10 Green

Lucas Frederick, 6/11/19, Alexandra and Travis Conaty ’08

Claire Emilia, 8/14/19, Elizabeth (Smith) ’03 and Justin ’03 Scheets

Noah James, 4/4/19, Lauren (Sears) ’06 and Derek Jackson

Jocelyn Mae, 10/13/19, Alexandra (Murphy) ’12 and William ’12 Harris

More Babies

Mary Hearst ’05 and Robert Egan, New York, N.Y., son, Michael Brennan, 8/21/19

Tina (Cersosimo) ’05 and James ’05 Petty, Danvers, daughter, Abigail Elizabeth, 7/15/19

Nicole (Landry) ’09 and Daniel Dias, Marion, son, Luke Daniel, 8/8/19

Alexandra (Buchan) ’10 and Timothy Fitzsimmons, Stowe, Vt., son, William Robert, 10/2/19

Kristen (Masley) ’10 and Andrew Dahlman, Williamsburg, Va., daughter, Madison, 5/11/19

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