Mathematics Department

Mathematics majors at Stonehill graduate with more than a mastery of calculus and quantitative techniques. They leave with a well-rounded educational foundation that positions them for success in myriad fields.

Mathematics majors at Stonehill College work with award-winning faculty dedicated to teaching in the context of the liberal arts and sciences. Professors in the department see mathematics as both a specialized discipline that can prepare students for specific careers and a fundamental part of a general education, which will give them the intellectual dexterity and creative spirit to excel and, more importantly, to adapt to an ever-changing world.

The teaching mission of the Mathematics Department is to introduce students to the central ideas, methods and achievements of mathematics and to develop such general intellectual skills as rigorous reasoning, problem solving and persuasive expression. The department expects that its students will be prepared to:

  • Pursue graduate studies or work in mathematics and related areas
  • Use their skills in business, education and service professions and in technology-based industries
  • Engage in life-long learning and growth.

Options Multiply after Graduation

Many of our mathematics majors enter Stonehill with an interest in elementary or secondary education and later teach at these levels upon graduation. Some choose to teach in a college or university setting after completing graduate education. Others work as mathematicians in the bio-medical area, the financial arena, or the actuarial profession. Still other graduates work in the computer industry, for the government, and in other areas that use the analytic and logical skills normally developed within a mathematics curriculum.

Our Education students report that they receive numerous and attractive job offers. Moreover, students who wished to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or allied areas have been accepted at some of the most distinguished colleges and universities in the country.

Equation for Success

Problem solving and analytical reasoning skills will help the mathematics major succeed. Two years of high school algebra and one year of geometry and trigonometry are also contributing factors to success in the program.

Not Just for Math Majors

The Mathematics Department offers courses in support of other programs and departments, including Education, Business Administration and the sciences, and in support of the College’s General Education areas of Scientific Inquiry and Statistical Reasoning. Beyond the campus, mathematics students can enrich their mathematical experience with internships, study abroad or service learning.

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