Spanish Major and Minor

The Spanish program builds students written and spoken language skills while also exploring cultural issues and institutions in countries where Spanish is spoken. This encompasses an examination of, among other things: educational systems, governments, politics, and social norms; along with music, literature, and the arts and sciences.

Spanish Program Requirements

Spanish Major Requirements

The major in Spanish requires the completion of Eleven upper-level courses (300-level and above).

Spanish Minor Requirements

The minor in Spanish requires the completion of six courses beyond the elementary level (SPA 131-132) as determined in consultation with the departmental minor advisor.

Study Abroad Requirement

All Spanish majors are required to spend a semester abroad in an approved program of study or in one of the international internships sponsored by Stonehill College, and minors are encouraged to do the same. Students may transfer back three pre-approved courses taken abroad to the major. Additional language courses may be pre-approved as general electives.

Program Contact Info

Antonio Barbagallo
Professor of Spanish
Spanish Program Director
Office: Duffy Academic Center 279
Phone: 508-565-1279