Healthcare Administration Department

Stonehill’s AUPHA accredited Healthcare Administration Department provides students with a solid foundation in the leadership, managerial and methodological skills that drive our healthcare system.


One of the few undergraduate programs in the country fully certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, Stonehill's Healthcare Administration program combines courses focused on core skills with in-depth internships and a solid liberal arts foundation. The primary objectives are to prepare Stonehill College students:

  • For employment and leadership in direct service and support organizations in the private and public healthcare sectors
  • For graduate or professional study
  • For being an innovative and positive  force for ethical and constructive change in the healthcare system
“There is no more universal gesture of service than the commitment to heal - and Healthcare Administration helps serves that need.”
Rev. Thomas Gariepy, C.S.C., Professor of Healthcare Administration

Lay the Groundwork & Find a Niche

The required courses in the program provide a firm understanding of the healthcare system, important healthcare issues and basic managerial and leadership skills. After that, advanced requirements and electives focus on specific areas of interest, such as:

  • Nursing home administration
  • Gerontology
  • Public and private sector insurance
  • Group practice management
  • Finance, personnel, marketing, public relations and sales

Internships, community-based learning experiences and employment are available through federal and state programs.  Healthcare Administration majors at Stonehill College find work in hospitals, home care and managed care organizations, health maintenance organizations, hospices, planning and consulting firms and international service organizations.

Skills in Growing Demand

The Healthcare Administration major is increasingly popular in part because healthcare, with implementation of the Affordable Care Act, has proven more recession-resistant than most fields. In July 2011, Indeed Industry Employment Trends logged an all-time high in the number of open healthcare positions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects double-digit increases in every healthcare job category over the next five years.

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