Cinema Studies Minor

The Cinema Studies Minor is devoted to the study of media and of formats related to the moving image, including recent developments in digital technology.

Students will not only acquire the vocabulary necessary to a full appreciation of cinematic techniques but also develop an appreciation for the aesthetic and methodological values of the discipline. In addition, by implicitly acknowledging the intersections of art, technology and commerce in cinematic texts, courses in the program help to prepare students for careers in the new age of global media institutions and projects.

Competitive Advantages

Cinema Studies minors frequently major in communication or English. Analyzing screen media appeals to students in these majors, and cinema studies allows them to focus on filmic texts. Historically, the minor also appeals to students from all majors, including business and science programs of study, who are passionate about film.

Graduate Outcomes

Cinema Studies minors often have an interest in filmmaking, so students in this minor have gone on to graduate production programs at Emerson, Loyola, and Goldsmiths College (U.K.). Students have also leveraged the minor as a springboard to studying film at the master’s and doctorate levels.