30,000th Graduate

The College awards its 30,000th diploma at 2023 Commencement.

Stonehill Rises to NCAA Division I

Stonehill College accepts an invitation from the NCAA Division I Northeast Conference (NEC), ending its long-time association with the NCAA Division II Northeast 10 Conference (NE-10)

Leo J. Meehan School of Business Opens

The $35 million Meehan School building features the latest technology for the classroom, research, collaboration and project-based learning, empowering all students to be adaptive, compassionate leaders.

Thomas and Donna May School of Arts & Sciences Opens

The May School building brings together Stonehill’s core disciplines and departments and provides modern, technology-driven classrooms, a world-class lecture hall, a café, bookstore and collaborative workspaces for students and faculty.

Rev. Mark T. Cregan, C.S.C., Athletic and Fitness Center Opens

With the addition of the Rev. Mark T. Cregan, C.S.C., Athletic and Fitness Center, the College's Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex now offers enhanced fitness and wellness options for varsity athletes and recreational users.

Solar Field Completed

The 9,000 solar panel field is the largest on a New England college campus, according to the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Rev. Thomas Feeley, C.S.C., Bridge Opens

The bridge, named in honor of a beloved professor and student mentor, crosses Ames Pond and connects the area around Cardinal O’Hara Hall and the south quad with the east side of campus.

Tenth President Appointed

Rev. John Denning, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's tenth president.

New Visual Mark Unveiled

The mark serves as a visual expression of the College’s treasured motto, Lux et Spes (“Light and Hope”).

Bogan Hall Opens as Residence Hall

In 2010, Bogan Hall opens as the newest residence hall on campus.

Congregation's First Saint Canonized

Blessed Brother André Bessette is the first member of the Congregation of Holy Cross to be named a saint.

Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center Opens

Dedicated in 2010, the Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center at Stonehill College houses the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology Departments.

New Athletic Identity

Athletic identity changes from Chieftains to Skyhawks.

W.B. Mason Stadium Dedicated

W.B. Mason Stadium is dedicated on September 10, 2005.

Library is Renovated

Cushing Martin Library is renovated and reopens as Cushing-Martin Hall.

Ninth President Appointed

Rev. Mark T. Cregan, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's ninth president.

MacPhaidin Library Opens

The MacPháidín Library opens in 1998.

Notre Dame Dulac Residence Hall Opens

The Notre Dame Dulac Residence Hall opens in 1997.

Sheehan Hall Opens

Sheehan Hall opens in 1993.

Villa Theresa Residence Hall Opens

The Villa Theresa Residence Hall opens in 1991.

Joseph W. Martin Jr. Institute Opens

The Joseph W. Martin Jr. Institute opens in 1990.

Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex Opens

The Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex opens in 1988.

Stanger Hall Opens as Computer Center

Stanger Hall opens in 1986 as a computer center.

Education Building Opens

The Education Building (originally the carriage house for the Ames family) opens.

Sullivan Hall Opens as a Residence Hall

Sullivan Hall opens as a residence hall in 1981.

Stonehill Becomes Founding Member of NCAA Division II Northeast 7 Conference

Stonehill and six other colleges and universities founded the Northeast 7 Conference, which in 1987 became the Northeast 10 (NE-10) Conference.

Merkert Wing of Science Building Opened

In 1980, the Merkert Wing of the Science Building opens and is renamed Merkert Tracy Science Center.

David Ames Clock Farm is Obtained

In 1979, the College obtained the David Ames Clock Farm after David Ames donated the greater part of the farm in October 1978. The College purchased the remaining portions of the property shortly after.

Eighth President Appointed

Rev. Bartley MacPhaidin, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's eighth president.

Seventh President Appointed

Mr. C. James Cleary is appointed as the College's seventh president on an interim basis.

Holy Cross Seminary Renamed Holy Cross Center

Holy Cross Seminary is leased from the Congregation as a residence space and renamed Holy Cross Center.

College Center Opens

The College Center opens in 1973.

Sixth President Appointed

Rev. Ernest Bartell, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's sixth president.

Stonehill Coffee House Brother Mike's Opens

Stonehill Coffee House Brother Mike's opens for the first time in 1970.

Commonwealth Court is Built

Commonwealth Court is built with 14 residences (6 additional residences are built in 1970).

Women's Residence Opens

Rev. Francis J. Boland Hall, C.S.C., opens as a women’s residence. The building is named for Fr. Boland because he was president when women were first admitted to the College.

Fifth President Appointed

Rev. John T. Corr, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's fifth president

Additions to Holy Cross Hall

South Wing and Philip L. Hemingway Auditorium are added to Holy Cross Hall.

Richard J. Cushing-Joseph W. Martin Library Opens

The Richard J. Cushing-Joseph W. Martin Library opens in 1962.

Men's Residence Opens

Cardinal John O’Hara Hall opens as a men’s residence

Stonehill College Receives Accreditation

The College is accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Fourth President Appointed

Rev. Richard H. Sullivan, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's fourth president.

Holy Cross Hall Opens

Holy Cross Hall, now Duffy Academic Center, opens as the first classroom building on lower campus.

Student Excavation Uncovers Relics

A student excavation on lower campus leads to the discovery of relics from late 17th century, era of King Philip, Chief of the Wampanoag Indians. Some artifacts at the same site are dated back to the Stone Bowl Occupation (1500 B.C. to 500 A.D.)

Third President Appointed

Rev. James J. Sheehan, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's third president.

First Female Valedictorian

The first woman, Margaret Mullaney, is named valedictorian.

Second College Commencement

Second College Commencement is held outdoors under a green-and-white tent, beginning a tradition. First female, Luice Moncey, graduates. Lourdes Grotto and Shrine Dedicated.

First College Commencement

64 men graduate during the first College Commencement.

Stonehill Becomes Co-Educational

In 1951, Stonehill becomes co-educational.

Second President Appointed

Rev. Francis J. Boland, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's second president.

Science Building Opens

Science building opens, today known as Merkert-Tracy Hall.

Stonehill College is Founded

Stonehill College is founded on June 29, 1948, by the Congregation of Holy Cross. On October 12, 1948, led in prayer by Bishop James Cassidy and joined by representatives of the Congregation of Holy Cross and many others, the College celebrated its official opening, known as Founders’ Day.

First President Appointed

Rev. George Benaglia, C.S.C., is appointed as the College's first president.

King's College Founded

The Congregation of Holy Cross founds King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Ames Airfield Used for Training

The Ames airfield (built by Frederick Lothrop Ames’s son Freddy), is used by the Navy for training exercises.

Stone-House Hill House Purchased

The Congregation of Holy Cross purchases Stone-House Hill House and 350 surrounding acres to be used as a seminary.

Stone-House Hill House is Built

Stone-House Hill House is built by Frederick Lothrop Ames in North Easton, MA.