Each month the Residence Life Office recognizes students from each residence area and a Resident Assistant who go above and beyond to contribute to the building of residence areas committed to academic excellence, individual student development, and a strong loving Christian community. The Stonehill Stars program recognizes the positive work that so many members of the College community are doing. Residence Life is proud to announce the following Stonehill Stars. Click here if you would like to see past winners of Stonehill Stars!

April Stonehill Star Winners!

Community Assistant of the Month: Bridget Meigs


Bridget has gone above and beyond in her work as a Community Associate this month.  Now that spring is upon us it is only fitting that so many RAs are ending the year with programs at the Farm, as Bridget so kindly introduced so many of us to the wonders of the Farm during summer training.  Just as she welcomed all of us with open arms on a chaotic day in August, Bridget has welcomed three RA programs to the Farm in April in addition to the one she hosted with the RA she is the Community Associate of.  Always greeting residents with a smile and a laugh, Bridget is able to not only brighten the day of everyone she interacts with, but also convince them that farming can in fact be fun.  Everything Bridget does at Stonehill embodies what the Community Associate program seeks to do – connect residents to learning experiences that extend outside of the classroom and into their Residence Halls and other places on campus, like the Farm.  Bridget’s passion for her work is contagious.  In fact, some of the residents who attended my program to the Farm told me that they plan on regularly volunteering at the Farm in the fall because they had such a great time learning from Bridget.  This is unsurprising as Bridget serves as an inspiring role model for residents, exemplifying what it looks like to think, act, and lead with courage to create a more just and compassionate world.  For these reasons and many more, Bridget Meigs deserves to be Community Associate of the Month.


Program of the Month: You Drink. You Drive. You Take the Risk.

Hosted by Hannah Krueger and Michael Smith

April is a month when the weather gets better; students around the country are gearing up for spring and summer and the drinking rates are rising and so are the number of people getting into a car while under the influence or alcohol and other drugs. This program was an incredibly successful, creative, and educational program that allowed its participants to understand the bodily symptoms and issues to attempting to maneuver a vehicle while being impaired due to substances. Hannah and Michael worked with Campus Police to provide statistics and information that law enforcement officers need to know to keep the streets safe. Fines, legal action, and potential situations were explained with a Q&A afterwards. Each student had the opportunity to wear and test the "drunk goggles" and then attempt to drive a golf cart through a busy course. Hannah and Michael provided a safe and fun environment for students to see and feel, firsthand, how it feels like and what it looks like to drive under the influence. The debrief and intentional conversations wrapped the program up very well and it was a program worth talking about, and definitely worth nominating. That is why I am pleased to nominate this program for "Program of the month."


Resident Assistant of the Month : Emma Cope- Flanagan 

In my 2 years as an RA, I have never seen an RA, new or returning, transition so flawlessly into the RA position as Emma Cope-Flanagan has this semester.  From day one on the job, Emma was an energetic, enthusiastic, and truly refreshing presence on the O’Hara staff. Her first program allowed her to get to know a little about her residents goals and hopes for the semester as well as their past accomplishments.  Since then, every program that she has carried out has been with intend and passion; not once have I seen Emma propose a program just to get it out of the way.  When I am on rounds of the building, Emma’s door is always open, yet surprisingly she is rarely in there.  This is because without fail, Emma can be found in the nook common area mingling with her girls, continuing to make them feel like a true family.  She goes out of her way to meet the individual needs of every resident based on their personality.  Her ability to not only get to know about her residents, but also the needs of each of her residents, has made her an asset to the O’Hara community.  Emma also managed to become part of the staff seemingly effortlessly.  From the first day of training, I felt comfortable opening up to her to the same degree I did the rest of the staff and I know that others on staff felt the same.  It is not uncommon for staff members to receive a text from Emma simply seeing if they want anything from Starbuck while she is out.  Her constant positivity even when the job and personal life get difficult has truly been a source of inspiration and motivation for me.  Despite only meeting her my last semester at Stonehill, I consider myself so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know and to work with Emma and I know that the rest of the staff and her residents feel the same.  For these reasons and more, Emma is deserving of RA of the Semester for Spring 2014.


Residents of the Month 

Jennifer Cameron- Commonwealth & Colonial Courts

During the fall semester Jenny was abroad in London.  Since returning she goes above and beyond to make sure others are always happy.  When people are stressed, upset, or just need a friend to talk to she is always there for others.  Jenny always offers others help and frequently helps to hang up fliers, bulletin boards, and doortags.  This part month she has dedicated countless hours to dancing.  She traveled with the Stonehill Dance Team to nationals in Daytona, Florida and preformed in Dance Companies Stoneworks performance.  Due to Jenny's positivity and caring personality in addition to her involvement with various Dance Programs at Stonehill I am nominating her for this months Resident of the Month. 

Jackie DelBonis- Holy Cross Center

Jackie deserves to be resident of the month because she is an exemplary member of our community. She has made a great effort to get to know everyone in the Sem and build friendships with everyone that she meets. This month she has shown her dedication to our community by helping plan our Sem Olympics and rally other residents within the Sem to participate. She also played a huge part in making RD appreciation day a success here in the Sem. Jackie is full of creative ideas and has consistently helped the RAs with her artistic talent. Jackie has truly committed herself to making the Sem a great place to live and this year wouldn't have been the same without her. 

Morgan Sydlowski- Corr Hall 

Morgan has been an active and positive member of the Corr Community throughout the entire year. Her involvement on Hall Council has led to a number of successful fundraisers for a variety of great causes, including HOPE India and a local animal shelter. As a peer mentor, Morgan has a number of her mentees living in Corr. All year, she has continually reached out to her mentees to ensure that their first year at college has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. Apart from her involvement within Corr Hall, Morgan is involved in a variety of activities around campus, ranging from being a part of the Club Rugby team, to being newly hired as a student ambassador and as part of the Student Alumni Association. Despite her heavy involvement, Morgan is consistently available as a resource to not only her mentees living in Corr, but also her friends and fellow members of the Corr Hall Council. Furthermore, Morgan's positive outlook and general kindness towards everyone she interacts with makes her a well known and highly valued member of the Corr Community.

Cierra Meurant- Corr Hall & Villa Theresa

Cierra Meurant has gone above and beyond when it comes to being active on campus through her behavior as a part of Relay for Life this month. She created her own team and was instrumental in increasing members for said team. She permitted several members of her own hallway to participate. She was also vital to gaining donations to support the organization. This is the main reason for her nomination.She is always smiling around Villa Theresa, has a very positive attitude, and remains cheerful even in the face of obstacles. She is very friendly with staff and students alike. She is also involved with Habitat for Humanity on campus as well.

Sara Ricker- New Hall 

Sara Ricker is chosen as New Hall's Resident of the Month for her hard work and organization of the 5K Glow Run. This run was organized to show solidarity and support in light of the recent sexual assaults on campus. Sara dedicated herself to create an intentional and fun response to a serious topic that students at times do not want to think about. The New Hall staff and the campus is grateful for this event and to Sara for her hard work.