Each month the Residence Life Office recognizes students from each residence area and a Resident Assistant who go above and beyond to contribute to the building of residence areas committed to academic excellence, individual student development, and a strong loving Christian community. The Stonehill Stars program recognizes the positive work that so many members of the College community are doing. Residence Life is proud to announce the following Stonehill Stars. Click here if you would like to see past winners of Stonehill Stars!

September Stonehill Star Winners!

Community Assistant of the Month: Officer Tim O’Sullivan

Officer O'Sullivan is the most committed and supportive CA I have ever met. Even though he may not be my CA I have only heard wonderful things about him from his RAs and he is always looking out for me. O’Sullivan has been dedicated to RA programs since his arrival on campus and has worked with many RAs to program in their areas. He is well known in every residence hall, and his relationship with students is one to be envied. When stationed at different places on campus, O’Sullivan is often approached by numerous students and is always engaged in meaningful conversation with them. He is easy to approach and the students find it very easy to relate to him. He certainly works outside of his job description, and that is something the Stonehill community definitely appreciate of O’Sullivan.

 Program of the Month: “Dear Future Me”


Hosted by Alex Esposito

Alex put on a phenomenal program this month and had many people attend. She created time capsules where students were able to write down things they hoped to get involved in, goals, and challenges. Alex will be giving the time capsules back to residents during finals week so they can read what they wrote. She was so enthusiastic about her program and made residents feel very welcomed and included.

Resident Assistant of the Month: Isiah Manley

Isaiah has gone above and beyond for everyone on the Courts staff this month, by being both a good listener and problem solver. Several people on the Courts staff have gone to him to talk about something, and he always has good advice to offer, and always makes sure to check in with someone a few days after talking to them, to see how they are doing. He also volunteered/helped out the RAs on duty in the beginning of the school year, when everything was still hectic. He volunteered to help on duty on a weekend night, and the next night he was on duty himself. Isaiah truly exemplifies what it means to be a supportive team player on this staff, and has always gone above and beyond in everything he does. It has made a world of difference to everyone.

 Residents of the Month 

Marisa Clougher - Boland Hall

As a staff, Boland has decided that in this point in the school year, during a time in which everyone is returning to the routine of college life, and for some, starting a whole new chapter of their lives, the greatest leadership position one could take on is one in which they work to build community and make people feel safe and welcome in a place where they are new or uncomfortable. Marisa Clougher epitomizes this concept, and furthermore, exemplifies it in everything she does. As a first year student, she has thrown herself into her academics, has joined Hall Council, running for and attaining the position of President, has joined English Society and has taken on an on-campus work position. Aside from her head-first dive straight into her academics and co-curriculars, Marisa has been a catalyst in the formation of the community Boland has quickly succeeded in building. Quick to reach out and meet everyone within yelling distance, Marisa has exhibited time and time again through her actions, conversations and everyday demeanor that she truly cares about every single person within the Boland community. Because of her tireless efforts in talking to, spending time with and getting to know every resident she possibly can, Marisa Clougher embodies the very essence of what it means to be the Resident of the Month.

Samuel Frykenber- New Hall

If you haven’t had a conversation yet with this lovely guy, you should know that you are missing out. Sam Frykenberg is a Junior here at Stonehill, majoring in Biology, in the hopes of someday becoming a Pediatrician. As a resident of New Hall, Sam always makes it a point to stop and chat with everyone he sees. He never fails to make anyone feel special and comfortable around him, as he devotes his complete attention to you as he genuinely asks about your day. Sam really is an exemplary Stonehill student that manages to juggle school work, extracurriculars, and friends, all while always putting on a happy, smiling face with a positive attitude. Whether he’s riding his bike or just strolling on his way to class, Sam will always make time for you, regardless of how busy he may be. Also, he is always eager to help you in any way that he can. He does a wonderful job of building community here in New Hall by being so friendly, and also by always making everyone feel included. Great job, Sam!

Mackenzie Mayes- Holy Cross Center

Mackenzie has shown to be a supportive roommate and friend for many in her hallway. She has worked to build community among Upper B by having her door open and always sharing a smile with anyone she passes. She has gone above and beyond and made cupcake decorations for those celebrating birthdays in the building. She has helped make Upper B and the Sem in general a happier place.

Andres Rodriguez- Villa Theresa

Andres has displayed a great interest in getting to know everyone in Villa. Within the first week of school he had already walked around the whole building and learned everyone's names. Andres is always willing to help out around Villa and has made residents feel better when they have been frustrated or stressed. He has gone above and beyond in helping create a sense of community in Villa.

Jacqueline Therrien- Corr Hall

Jackie’s taken initiative in making Stonehill a home away from home by reaching out and getting involved on campus. Between classes and hanging out with friends, Jackie has joined Chapel Choir, WHEN, and after-school tutoring for a local high school. With her positive attitude and friendliness, I know that she is making Stonehill a better place!”