Resources for Faculty

Don't Cancel That Class!

This program was started to meet the needs of both faculty and students.

Are you a faculty member who has a planned or last minute event that conflicts with your scheduled class time? If so, please contact one of the following departments to come and give an educational presentation to your class. Most presentations can be tailored to meet your needs, so if you don't see one listed that you would like please ask!

Do you have a conference or an upcoming event conflicting with one of your scheduled classes?

Instead of cancelling a class contact one of us to give an in class presentation. Career Services, Intercultural Affairs,  Health and Wellness Program, the Center for Nonprofit Management, Athletics, Library Instruction and the Office of Community Standards have teamed up to offer you a brief list of possible topics to be presented for “Don’t Cancel That Class!”.


Career Services                                          508-565-1325

  • Career Services can present on a range of topics, from resume and cover letter writing to networking and interviewing.
  • With a little bit of notice, Career Services can deliver a targeted presentation on a job field of interest to your students.
  • Think your students would like to hear from potential employers directly? Career Services can contact recruiters and employers to arrange a class visit.

*For a Presentation from Career Services, please contact*

Denise Geggatt at 

Post-Graduate Service                               508-565-1559

  • Presentations on the many opportunities students can take advantage of after graduation through post-graduate service programs (such as Peace Corps, Teach for America, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Stonehill’s International Extension program).
  • Graduates can gain more experience within their field, explore a new path and grow personally and professionally by doing a year or two of service – either in the U.S. or internationally!
  • Some programs allow students to get their Masters Degree or to take classes towards their Masters at no cost or for reduced fee.

*For a Presentation on Post-Graduate Service, please contact*
Kris Silva at


Intercultural Affairs                                           508-565-1409

  • Many class topics are related to diversity, social justice, and intercultural communication! – if you would like suggestions on how to customize discussions, please let us know! These can include issues of race, gender, ethnicity, religious diversity, gender identity, communication, media, self-understanding, etc!
  • Diversity: Do I need it? Learn what it means to contribute to a diverse and how our everyday actions affect others.
  • Increasing Intercultural Competency: What do I know? What don’t I know?
  • You are Different. So am I: Ways to appreciate differences and figure out similarities

*For a Presentation from Intercultural Affairs, please contact*

Liza Talusan at


Center for Nonprofit Management               508-565-1856

  • Interested in introducing your class to the field of nonprofit management? Learn more about working and thriving in the nonprofit sector with courses like:
  •  i.     Fundraising 101: You Can Help a Nonprofit Raise Money Too!
  • ii.     Nonprofit Careers: Becoming the Next Generation of Nonprofit Professionals!
  • Need a customized program? Just ask! We have varied content to tailor for your needs.

*For a Presentation from CNM Please Contact*

Sarah Varadian at


Athletics                                                          508-565-1940

  • Presentations are offered on leadership, management, motivation, group dynamics, relationship building and more!
  • Possible speakers include: Trish Brown, Brendan Sullivan, Shelly Morris, and Pat Boen.

*For a Presentation from the Athletics Please Contact*

Shelly Morris at


Library Instruction                                       508-565-1103

  • Information literacy instruction geared specifically to your course outcomes.
  • If students are not producing the quality of research you would like to see, perhaps library instruction can help.
  • We can give presentations on the best way to use the databases, interlibrary loan, reference citation, source evaluation and many other topics.
  • Classes can come to the library lab, or librarians can come to your classroom.


*For a Presentation from the MacPhaidin Library Please Contact*

The Reference Desk at


Pro-Social Bystander Training                          508-565-1290

  • What is a bystander? How can I help create a community free of sexual assault? How can I speak up when I see something of concern?
  • Students will learn how to create an environment where sexual assaults are less likely to occur by recognizing the signs of a problem, assessing the safest course of action and then by taking action.
  • This training is being conducted in conjunction with a larger campaign called What Would Ace Do (WWAD)
  • Students will gain the tools necessary to safely intervene in order to create a safe and supportive community.

*For a Pro-Social Bystander Presentation Please Contact*

Kelly Treseler at

Health and Wellness                                              508-565-1544

  • Nutrition 101: Basic concepts in eating healthy in a college setting.
  • Get fit now: Learn how being physically active is essential for your health and your academics.
  • Stress and Time Management: Learn how to get more done in less time.
  • NEW! QPR Suicide Prevention training: Learn the signs of suicide and how to help someone; a nationally recognized training.

And many more topics available upon request!

*For a Presentation from Health and Wellness Please Contact*

            Jessica Greene at