Waverly Partners Inc.

Wayne, PA

In 1995 Burke co-founded Waverly Partners, Inc. for the purpose of acquiring, improving and operating specialty manufacturing businesses.  Waverly's holdings have served the electronics, aerospace, medical, fuel cell, petro chemical and numerous other industries.

Prior to founding Waverly, Burke was Vice President Operations for Fitchburg Coated Products, which earned national recognition with the award of the RIT USA Today Quality Cup.  Previously he was manager for Andersen Consulting (Accenture) serving in their manufacturing practice in the fields of information systems and manufacturing productivity, managing projects for large aerospace and commercial manufacturing clients.

In addition to serving on boards of Waverly's investments, Burke serves on not-for-profit boards in the Philadelphia region focused on education and the arts.

Burke participated in Stonehill's three-two engineering program with the University of Notre Dame receiving a BA degree from Stonehill in 1984 and a Bachelor of Science Electrical in Engineering from Notre Dame in 1985.

He resides with his wife Patricia and three daughters in Malvern, PA and spends summers in Falmouth, MA.