Leadership Opportunities

Students looking to develop their leadership skills have a wide variety of opportunities across campus to pursue. Below are just some of the leadership positions that students are involved in at Stonehill.

Anchors Leadership Program

The Anchors program represents a comprehensive approach toward cultivating every Stonehill student’s leadership potential. The program consists of varied components that will purposefully engage you on an individual, group and community level. Central to the program is the understanding that leadership is a relational process aimed at maximizing everyone’s contributions toward a common outcome.


It is our intention that by participating in the components of Anchors, you will:

  • Develop a more complete understanding of yourself
  • Understand and articulate leadership from both personal and professional perspectives
  • Learn and value inclusive leadership talents and principles
  • Identify and practice skills necessary for positive and productive relationships
  • Become an ethical leader whose values are congruent with your actions
  • Encounter opportunities to apply and reflect upon leadership abilities and practices

Certificate Program

The certificate program is a three-tiered, self-paced model by which you complete various requirements that progressively advances your understanding, competency and practice of leadership.

Stonehill students may apply to the certificate program during any of their years at Stonehill. Applications will be made available at the beginning of each semester. It is recommended that Tier I is completed in one semester; Tiers II and III may require two semester to complete.

Advocates for a Brighter Stonehill

Advocates for a Brighter Stonehill act as leaders, role models, and advocates for diversity and inclusion at Stonehill College. They serve as mentors to incoming students, and as allies and advocates for students of all underrepresented communities. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/intercultural-affairs/student-leadership-programs/abs-program/).

FYE Student Facilitators

FYE Student Facilitators co-teach the required First Year Experience course for incoming students.

H.O.P.E. Leaders

H.O.P.E. Leaders are responsible for working with the director to oversee the H.O.P.E. Service Immersion Program, including: advertising and recruiting, pre-trip preparation, curriculum development, group fundraising activities, small group facilitation, information dissemination, facilitating and leading reflections, and group re-entry. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/campus-ministry/hope/new-student-leader-app/)

Moreau Student Ministers

Moreau Student Ministers support the mission of Campus Ministry by bringing Light and Hope to campus through their daily actions and their work specific to their role. Each student minister is assigned to work with one of the Week Night Mass Teams where they create a welcoming environment both during the mass and afterward at the student social. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/campus-ministry/moreau-student-ministry/)

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors in the Office of International Programs mentor Stonehill students considering a study abroad experience. They serve as a resource for information about their host country and for the study abroad experience in general. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/international-programs/contact-us/peer-advisors/)

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors act as guides for incoming students during various Orientation presentations and events, and facilitate several activities to help students become more familiar and comfortable with campus resources and services.

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors provide peer-based academic support in a comfortable and inclusive environment. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/cwaa/resources-for-tas-and-tutors/)

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are carefully selected and trained to be leaders, role models, referral providers and community builders in the residence halls. (Link: https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/residence-life/getting-involved-in-the-reside/becoming-a-resident-assistant/)

Student Government Association

Student Government Association members work on behalf of the student body to enhance the Stonehill experience.  SGA has a number of elected and appointed positions. (Link:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/student-affairs/student-government-association/)