Lead with Mind & Heart

At Stonehill, we encourage students to achieve a lifelong desire for self-discovery through their involvement in academics, student life, and leadership. From assuming a leadership role in a club to engaging in a research project, there are numerous opportunities for students to become catalysts in their development to lead truly purposeful and rewarding lives.

Think. Act. Lead.

Who You Are, and Who You Want to Be

Think. Act. Lead. is Stonehill’s comprehensive and integrated academic, professional, personal and spiritual development program. The program engages each student along a path of success through individualized attention, meaningful feedback and conversation, and opportunities for self-reflection.


From the moment you arrive on campus, you will be engaged in thoughtful conversations that will inspire and encourage you to explore and articulate who you are. Each first-year student is connected with a faculty advisor and encouraged to seek out a diverse group of mentors who can help establish academic, professional, personal and spiritual goals.


Stonehill helps first-year students create a four-year action plan that allows you to pursue evolving interests, discuss and reflect on your experiences in meaningful ways, and determine what steps should be taken next. The path is constructed with intentionality, allowing you to better understand and visualize the possibilities ahead, and how specific goals can be achieved.


This deliberate, evaluative and strategic process is critical in preparing you for life after Stonehill. Over time, the acquisition of skills, qualifications, competencies, and confidence enables you to seek out and assume positions of leadership. The outcome is that by senior year, you are fully prepared for the continuation of your chosen paths beyond graduation.