Accounting Association:

The Accounting Association is open to students of all majors and class years. Members are exposed to representatives from graduate schools, accounting firms, CPA prep courses, and other networking opportunities. The club holds meetings and on-campus events throughout the academic year.  

Contact: Justin Weitbrecht,

Association for Computing Machinery:

ACM is a worldwide organization focused on Computer Science education. The Stonehill chapter meets regularly to work together on coding projects and listen to guest speakers.  

Contact: Wyatt Dominguez,

Education Society:

Education Society supports students interested in working in the field of education. Numerous events throughout the semester, allow students to gain insight into the various aspects that the field of education has to offer.  

Contact: Kelly Trayers,

Engineering Society:

The Engineering Society encompasses mostly majors in physics, math, computer science, and engineering. We host activities such as egg drops, coding a raspberry pi, spaghetti bridges, and looking through the telescope at the observatory. We also work with 3rd graders that code lego EV3 robots!  

Contact: Amir Kazemi,

English Society:

A gathering place for all bookworms, we welcome literature lovers both belonging to and beyond Stonehill's English department. We plan activities for our meetings, occasional parties, and the odd outing to celebrate those things that we share: the characters we love, the plots that stick with us, and the stories that tie us all together. Stop by to say hello and feel free to stay awhile!  

Contact: Molly Scanlan,

Financial Management Association:

The Financial Management Association (FMA) is a supplementary financial education outlet that provides the opportunity to hear from real practitioners across the financial fields as well as provide networking opportunities for our members.  

Contact: James McGuire,

History Society:

History Society is for everyone who either majors/ minors in history, or for people who just enjoy history as a hobby. We bring in speakers to talk about careers in history, or how history has equipped them with important life skills. Another large part of the club is playing jeopardy with history themed categories.  

Contact: Victoria Burch,

Marketing Management Association:

The Marketing Management Association connects students with Stonehill alumni in the workforce. We host monthly events that focus on guest speakers, learning about internship opportunities or a potential career, and taking a look at life after Stonehill. We highly encourage all majors, especially business majors to join and take advantage of this amazing networking opportunity. 

Contact: Jackie Marconi,

Neuroscience Society:

The Stonehill Neuroscience Society strives to educate the community about the brain and nervous systems, as well as promotes professional development, networking, and academic studies in neuroscience. We also select a charity organization and fundraise the advancement in the study of neuroscience, support drug discovery, and treatment of neurological disorders.  

Contact: Jess Medieros,

Psychology Society:

Psychology Society welcomes psychology majors and anyone interested in the topic. Our events help students learn more about psychology as a career option, courses provided at Stonehill, graduate programs, and research and internship opportunities. We also hold and participate in events that promote mental health awareness.  

Contact: Lilah Meehan,

Speech-Language Pathology Club:

The SLP Club discusses the classes for the minor along with the internships that are provided with local private practices and schools. Additionally, we discuss the process of attending and applying to graduate school and life once you receive your certification.  

Contact: Meredith Adams,

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