Many students enter college with the desire to go on to law school while others come to that decision later on. In many respects, this desire is well-placed. The practice of law can be intellectually stimulating, and there is no doubt that a law degree (a juris doctor or J.D.) can open the doors to careers in government, business, higher education, communications and numerous other fields.  Law school graduates are administrators, teachers, entrepreneurs and business managers as well as lawyers, judges and politicians.

A law degree can facilitate a rewarding profession – both in the type of work done and the compensation received for it. At its best, legal practice challenges the intellect, demanding the exercise of reason and judgment in complicated situations.  Moreover, practicing law can bring particular satisfaction to those who seek to eradicate social injustice. A legal education can provide greater awareness of threats to social justice as well as the tools to combat these threats.

Is Law School the Right Choice for Me?

The first question students must answer for themselves is whether law school is the right choice for them. It is absolutely necessary that students interested in the law reflect upon and fully understand why they want to go to law school before they apply. One’s motivation for pursuing a law degree should be based upon a thorough consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of that path. The pre-law advisor helps guide students through this reflection upon how legal education and a career in the law aligns with their individual strengths, interests and goals. Students should take courses relating to the law and intern in legal offices to gain practical experience and obtain a better sense of whether law school is the right path for them.

Pre-Law at Stonehill Contact Information

Robert R. Rodgers

Assistant Professor of Political Science & Intl. Studies, Political Science & International Studies Department Chair, Pre-Law Advisor
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