Student Life Awards

The Student Life Awards honor campus community members who have made outstanding contributions for the overall betterment of student life at Stonehill and also to the communities surrounding the College.

Our mission at Stonehill centers on educating the heart, instructing the mind, and developing in students a desire and a commitment to living lives of purpose.  Our goal is no less than a world transformed by our graduates, who themselves have been transformed by their Stonehill education.  The individuals who we honor here today truly represent the transformation we seek to achieve and certainly embody the core values of our institution.
Dr. Kevin Piskadlo, Dean of Students
  • President’s Cup - Presented to a student whose Stonehill career bears witness to a life-long commitment to intellectual excellence and dedication to service.
  •  Vice President’s Award - Awarded to students who have enhanced the quality of campus life through involvement in co-curricular programs, innovative contributions to campus morale, and dedicated service.
  •  Class Leadership Award - Awarded to those students who have demonstrated leadership through significant contributions to student life.
  •  Jean Hamler Diversity and Social Justice Award - Presented to both students and Stonehill employees who have contributed to creating a positive diverse living and learning environment at the College. The student has actively participated in organizations and events that have fostered intercultural understanding, social justice, and the promotion of equality and peace.  The Stonehill employee has actively engaged in opportunities that encourage and support diversity in our community, particularly as they relate to the growth and development of our students.
  •  Community Engagement Award - Presented to individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service.
  •  The Saint André Medal - Presented to those seniors who most exemplify Catholic ideals of prayer, scholarship, virtuous living, moral leadership, the common good, and preferential option for the poor and marginalized.
  •  Robert O’Donnell Memorial Award - Awarded to a commuter student who has distinguished themselves in character, leadership, and scholarship.
  •  Hall Council Leadership Award - Awarded to a hall council member for significant contributions to their residence community.
  •  Residence Life Award - Awarded to a student for significant contributions to the quality of community life in the Residence Halls.
  •  Community Associate Award - Presented to the Community Associate who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to student life within the residence halls through programming and intentional conversation.
  •  Student Life Program Award - Awarded to a collaborative program/event that has enhanced the educational mission of the College through significant contributions to student learning, campus morale, and/or community service. Please note, this award focuses on an event or program, not a person.

2017 Award Recipients

President’s Cup
Melissa Mardo

Vice President’s Award
Ysabel Cueva
Ellen Edgerton
Brankely Garcia
Alison Smith

Jean Hamler Diversity & Social Justice Award
Ysabel Cueva
Brankely Garcia
Melissa Mardo
Elizett Pires, Residence Life
Professor Corey Dolgon, Sociology

The Saint André Medal
Rachel Brown
Kathryne Cheff
Julia Devine
Mary Grace Donohoe
Ashley Faghan
Allison Faraclas
Brankely Garcia
Matthew Grant
Allyson Guglielmino
Kevin Hotaling
Erika Isner
Colleen MacDonald
Micah Magowan
Melissa Mardo
Marisa Nieves
Matthew Peterson
Emilia Rebelo
Melanie Smeaton
Cassandra Squeri
Amy Szablak

Community Engagement Award
Julia Adams
Stephanie Aguayo
Jenna Berkowitz
Kate Daversa
Michelle David
Celia Dolan
Ellen Edgerton
Tatiana Foerschner
Mark Gambon
Grace LeBlanc
Kristen Lowder
Jason Luisi
Hannah McCarthy
Rebecca Merkel
Sydney Mountzouris
Allison Murray
Alexandra Piscoya
Charlotte Potter
Meggie Wambui
Jermel Wright

Newman Civic Fellows Award
Jermel Wright

Robert O’Donnell Memorial Award
Celia Dolan
Kishory Murray

Residence Life Award
Ysabel Cueva

Hall Council Leadership Award
Jennifer Sabourin

Community Associate Award
Shannon Balliro, Academic Services & Advising

Student Life Program Award
Conference on disABILITIES

SGA Appreciation Award
Outstanding Staff- Fr. Tim Mouton, CSC, Campus Ministry
Outstanding Faculty- Professor Mary Blanchette, Chemistry
Outstanding Team- Custodial Staff, Facilities Management
Senior- Erika Isner

2016-2017 Student Government Executive Board Recognition
Zachary Fuierer – President
Erin Doherty – Vice President
Alexandra Esposito – Treasurer
Cassandra Squeri – Secretary
Alison Smith – Programming Chair
Jehlad Hickson – Diversity Chair
Michael Libertini – Finance Chair

Class Leadership Awards
Edward Carbone
Mary Grace Donohoe
Alexandra Esposito
Allison Faraclas
Thomas Farrell
Erika Isner
Christ Julmice
Aisha McAdams
Marisa Nieves
Devon Phinney
Alexandra Piscoya
Christina Ronson
Danielle Sicurella
Emmalie Snyder
Cassandra Squeri
Abigail Walczak

Catello Battinelli
Azariah Boyd
Leonardo Casillas
Kristina Colón
Cristianie DePina
Jenise Gonzalez
Kristen Grip
Anthony Martucci
Caitlin Woodman
Matthew Young

Angela Awad
Emily Casey
James Coppinger
Denis Garcia Reyes
Benjamin Hincher
Michael MacEachern
Rebecca Merkel
Matthew Mesiti
Elijah Morris
Victoria Pierre
Francesca Rizzo
Geovanny Sequeira
Nithaelle Simoly

Martie Faye Agravante
Anh Do
Jeremiah Penaflorida
Gayle Regis
Elizabeth Riley
Allison Roberts
Abigail Russo
Lucas Sartori
William Troast
Marnie Walsh

2016-2017 Class Presidents Recognition
Sarah Gaffney – Class of 2017
Catello Battinelli – Class of 2018
Matthew Mesiti – Class of 2019
Lucas Sartori – Class of 2020