Procedure To Obtain Permission for Survey Request

Step One: 

Obtain permission from the following:

  • Division Head of the requestor.
  • In the case of student - administered surveys conducted as part of coursework, the course instructor.
  • Non-Stonehill community members are required to obtain 
  • Stonehill sponsor to administer a survey on campus involving any Stonehill community member.

Step Two: 

The office of Institutional Research & Assessment, in consultation with the Institutional Assessment Committee, will
review and approve most surveys whose target population is a member of the Stonehill Community. To obtain approval:

  • Fill out the online Survey Research Form. The form must be received by the office of Institutional Research & Assessment at least two weeks prior to survey administration.
  • The requestor will be informed by email if the survey request is approved. IR&A may recommend appropriate timing for data collection; provide advice on survey design; provide guidelines for sample size; work with individuals to set obtainable (or realistic) response rate goals and share information about existing survey questions and/or to minimize duplication.
  • Once a survey is approved, annual approval is not required unless the survey instrument, the survey cycle, or administration of the survey is altered.

Please note: most research, including survey research, involving human subjects will also require approval by the College Institutional Review Board. To obtain IRB approval, if appropriate, refer to the IRB website or contact the IRB chair to see if IRB approval is required.

Exclusions from the Survey Approval Process

(Such projects may still be subject to IRB review.)

  1. Any class projects with less than 50 students being surveyed. For example, students who are administering  surveys to students at Stonehill College as part of a research project for a class or academic undertaking;
  2. Surveys related to academic course and program evaluations;
  3. Individual department program or event evaluations and surveys collecting information on operational status and projected needs.