Committee Letter of Evaluation

Most medical schools request a single committee letter of evaluation rather than multiple letters of recommendation. Stonehill’s Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee consists of five faculty members from various departments across the college and two administrators.

Each applicant who seeks a committee letter of evaluation will be interviewed by a panel of committee members. Immediately following the interview, the committee will provide the applicant with an assessment of his or her interviewing skills, motivation, preparedness, and perspective of the chosen career.

In addition to the committee’s assessment of the applicant, the committee letter of evaluation will include comments from science faculty as well as from non-science faculty, employers, and other that have been solicited by the applicant.

The committee letter of evaluation will not be written until after the committee interview has occurred, and the committee interview will not be scheduled until all of the following information has been submitted by the applicant:

  1. Permission to Release Education Information Form
  2. Letter of Evaluation Waiver Form (please see next page on instructions for filling out this form)
    1. MD Schools: AMCAS LoE Waiver Form (only one copy is necessary)
    2. DO Schools: AACOMAS LoE Waiver Form (only one copy is necessary)
    3. DMD Schools: AADSAS LoE Waiver Form (only one copy is necessary)
    4. All other schools: General LoE Waiver Form (one for each school to which you will apply)
  3. Academic Dishonesty Form*
  4. Disciplinary Standing Form*
  5. An official or unofficial transcript from Stonehill**
  6. Official or unofficial transcripts from any other educational institution which you attended**
  7. MCAT/DAT & GPA Information Sheet*
    It would be best if you had test scores before your committee interview
  8. An up-to-date resume which has been reviewed by a Counselor in the Office of Career Services
  9. Personal Statement
    A one page, single-spaced, 12 point font personal statement on why you want to become a (physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, chiropractor, or veterinarian)
  10. Statement of Interests
    A half page, single-spaced, 12 point font statement that relates your interests, talents, hobbies, etc. – be sure to address what you are passionate about (it can be anything…it may relate to medicine or science or something else)
  11. Statement of Individuality
    A half page, single-spaced, 12-point font statement that conveys something unique about you as an individual that you would like the admissions committee to know.
  12. PDF file of your completed application or completed Applicant Information Form
  13. Evaluations (Please use the electronic evaluation request tool found on our website or by clicking here)
    Applicants submit an average of 10 evaluations, but we require only 7 for your file to be complete:
    1. at least three (although the more, the better) from science faculty
    2. at least three (although the more, the better) from non-science faculty
    3. at least one (although the more, the better) from a clinical experience supervisor
    4. additional from work, internship, research, and volunteer supervisors, and athletic coaches

*Andrew will have the Academic Dishonesty Form and Disciplinary Standing Form completed for you by Joe Dacey, Director of Academic Services and Advising, and Brandon White, Director of Community Standards, respectively. Andrew will fill out the test score and GPA information sheet, too, as long as you provide him with the information.

** A copy is required in your file for the Committee Interview. You may request this very easily from the Registrar’s website and they will mail it directly to Andrew. Remember: it is your responsibility to request that the Registrar at each college/university you have attended (including Stonehill and any international universities) send an official copy of your transcript that contains your final semester’s grades to the appropriate primary application service and/or individual schools to which you are applying, whichever is required for the type of health profession schools to which you apply.