With a significant concentration of foreign banks and multinational corporations, an internship in Sydney provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience in areas like finance, manufacturing, and tourism. The city's 120+ nationalities and 250+ languages also allows students to immerse themselves in a truly multicultural environment. Sydney offers something for everyone - take a coastal walk and find Aboriginal carvings, eat delicious Asian inspired cuisine, and much more!

Program Requirements & Application Process

Students participating in the Sydney Internship Program should be juniors or first semester seniors, meet the 3.0 GPA minimum requirement, obtain approval from their major department, receive approval from the Director of International Programs and the Dean of Students, be in good academic and social standing and have no Community Standard violations, and have above average professionalism, motivation, reliability, and communication skills.

Students interested in applying for this program should meet with the Director of International Programs and obtain the necessary materials. Students will need to obtain a faculty letter of recommendation and a letter of recommendation from a work supervisor. Students should begin the application process by filling out Stonehill's on-line application form here. Students are also required to complete the CAPA application.

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: late August - late November
  • Spring Semester: mid-January - mid-April


Upon satisfactory completion of the part-time, 20-hour per week internship, the Learning Through Internships seminar series, and three 3-credit courses taught at the CAPA center, students will receive 15 credits towards their major, minor, or elective credit as approved by their Department Chair and departmental Faculty Moderator.


Students enroll in three 3-credit courses at the CAPA center during the semester. Students can select from a variety of course options. Students will receive transfer credit if they receive a Stonehill "C" grade or better in each of the courses. At the successful conclusion of the semester, students will receive a transcript from the University of Minnesota for a total of 15 credits.

  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Analyzing and Exploring the Global City - Sydney
  • Art Down Under - From the Dreamtime to the Present
  • Australian Cinema - Representation and Identity
  • Australian Government and Politics in the Pacific Rim Context
  • Australian History: Aboriginal History to Colonization
  • Australian, Asian and Pacific Literatures
  • Gender, Culture and Society
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Intercultural Communication: Theories, Practice and Factors
  • International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Managing Global Supply Chains
  • Sport in Australian Society
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Writing the Global City - Sydney


Housing is arranged through a housing management specialist with students living within commuting distance of the CAPA Sydney Center in homestays (up to 1 hour away) or shared apartments (up to 30 minutes away). Homestays include breakfast and dinner with the family. No meals are included in the apartment. Students are housed with other U.S. students who are also participating in the internship program.


An Opal card is included for transport throughout Sydney on ferries, trains, buses, and the light rail. More information about the commuting distances will be discussed during the in-country orientation program.


Students pay Stonehill Tuition and standard double room housing for the Sydney Internship Program. Included in these fees are a part-time internship (20 hours per week), housing in shared apartments with other internship participants, three 3-credit courses at the CAPA center, in-country orientation program, overseas supplemental insurance, and support throughout the duration of the program. Students are provided with an Opal card for the duration of the program. Students are able to utilize all Federal, State, Need and Merit-based financial aid for the Sydney Internship Program.

The program does not include the following costs: Round-trip airfare to Sydeny, passport and Australian Visa, laundry, meals, gym memberships, personal travel and expenses.

Sydney Internship Placements


Accounting, Financial Services, IT, Marketing, Consulting, Sports Management and Retail with sponsors like:

  • Australian Baseball League
  • BIS Shrapnel
  • H&R Block

Media, Arts & Literature

Placements include Newspapers, Magazines, Publishing, Film, Music, Radio, Theatre, Museums, Galleries and Literary Publications with sponsors like:

  • Active Networks
  • Hip Media
  • Filmotion

Health & Psychology

Placements include Hospitals, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Psychology Research, Adolescent Rehabilitation Clinics, Policy Organizations and Public Health and Social Services/Outreach with sponsors like:

  • Cancer Council NSW
  • Sports Spinal & Rehab Solutions
  • LUZ All Abilities Services


A wide range of institutions and organization in this sector focus on after-school programs, Social Education, Adult Education, Educational Policy and education for children with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities.

  • Starlight Children’s Foundation
  • Glebe Youth Services
  • Glenwood Public School

Science & Environment

Placements include Universities, Government Agencies, Animal and Nature Parks, and Foundations that focus on environmental policy, education, and research.

  • University of Sydney researchers
  • Manly Sea Life Sanctuary
  • Nature Conservation Council

PR & Advertising

Placements include Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Agencies, In-house Press Offices, and Event Planning with sponsors like:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Public Relations Institute of Australia
  • Thinkun

Politics, Law & NGO's

Placements include Government Organization, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Law Practices, Criminal Law Practices, Policy/Research and Advocacy groups with sponsors like:

  • Oz Harvest
  • NSW Department of Justice
  • Holman Webb Lawyers

Note: students are not limited to the above placements nor are they guaranteed one of the above placements.

* Information on this page is taken from CAPA