What is the International Internship Program?

The International Internship Program places students in international internships in public or private organizations and corporations, where they gain first-hand knowledge of a specific field, and apply their classroom learning to a working environment in a foreign setting. One-semester internships are available for all majors in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Since its inception, over 600 Stonehill students have participated in the internship program.

How do I qualify to participate in the Program?

Students who have excelled in their area of concentration may qualify for the program if these requirements are met:

  • Achieved minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 by the end of the semester prior to application for the internship;
  • Met language requirements for Madrid and Paris internship placements
  • Level of maturity demonstrated by responsible behavior at the College;
  • Serious intention to learn and grow in a different cultural environment;
  • Approval of the Director of International Programs, and the Dean of Students; and
  • Completed the application materials by the specified deadlines.

When and where do I file an application?

Students are encouraged to apply early even if they are uncertain of their interest or qualifications. If you are going abroad in the Fall semester of your senior year, you must submit an on-line application by March 1st of your junior year. If you are going abroad in the Spring semester of your junior year, you submit an on-line application by October 1st of your junior year. In addition to completing Stonehill College's on-line application, students must make an appointment to obtain a packet of materials from the Office of International Programs.

If I am accepted into the program, what happens then?

You will be given a checklist of forms to be completed. All forms are due in the Office of International Programs, located in Duffy Academic Center, Room 131, according to the deadline timetable. Please be aware of upcoming deadlines. Deadlines will be listed on the Office of International Programs websit.

Which semester should I participate in the International Internship Program?

Generally, students participate in the International Internship Program in the Spring semester of their Junior year or the Fall semester of the Senior year. Occasionally, first semester juniors are permitted to participate in the internship program depending on their academic background and experience within a particular field of study.

What types of internships are available?

The College affiliates with a number of foreign agencies to establish full-time and part-time internships in a variety of professions, including advertising and public relations, business (international banking, human resource management, exports, accountancy, etc.), education, health care administration, law, medical research, sociology, art, theatre, politics and the media. Students intern for fourteen weeks, and earn a full (15) semester’s worth of credit (18 credits for London). List of the most recent placements.

What is the approximate cost of the program?

Students pay Stonehill Tuition and Standard double housing costs for an international internship program. The program costs include airport pick-up arrangments, in-country orientation program, overseas supplemental insurance through HTH Worldwide, support from EUSA or CAPA London throughout the semester, courses (Dublin & London only), and other items specific to each program. View the country-specific information for details. Students may utilize all Federal, State, Need- and Merit-based aid during an international experience. Discuss financial aid impact with the Student Aid & Finance Office as well as any financial concerns with your parents. Generally, your financial aid award does not change with participation in the program.

The programs do not include airfare to host country, passport and visa costs (depends on the country), commuting costs to international internship location, laundry, gym memberships, books (Dublin & London), personal and travel costs. Returning students report spending an average of $3,000 for entertainment, gifts, souvenirs and weekend travel.

How many credits do I earn?

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students are granted 15 academic credits, all electives unless the major Department decides otherwise. Final grades are determined by the Faculty Moderators designated prior to departure. The credits are subdivided as follows:

Madrid and Paris: 9 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship placement based on Midterm and Final Evaluations from Site Supervisors; 3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Research Paper; 3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade) , based on Daily Professional Journal. Total Credits: 15 credits

Dublin: 9 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship based on Midterm and Final Evaluations from Site Supervisors, and Daily Professional Journal; 3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Research Paper; 3 credits: Pass/Fail, IR 203 Modern Ireland - graded by Richard Finnegan in International Studies Total Credits: 15 credits

London: 6 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship based on Midterm and Final Evaluations from Site Supervisors and Learning Through Internships: London seminar, 9 credits: Transfer Credit (need C or better), based on three courses taken at the CAPA London Center. Total Credits: 15 credits

*Students must receive a Stonehill "C" grade or better in order to receive transfer credit for the CAPA Center courses. These grades are not figured into the Stonehill College GPA. Students must be aware that the grades will be figured in to the GPA when considering applications to graduate school and for a variety of competitive fellowships and scholarships.

How do my credits transfer back to Stonehill?

London students must meet Academic Services, Duffy 104. Interns in London are required to take three courses and must have the courses approved by Academic Services. If the course is to fulfill a major/minor requirement, in addition to Academic Services, the Department chairperson in you major/minor must approve and determine the Stonehill equivalencies.

Dublin students are required to take a Dublin Seminar course each semester. This course is equivalent to IR 203 Modern Ireland. Prof. Finnegan must sign the Course Approval Form for this course as he will provide a grade of pass or fail at the end of the semester.

Where will I staying when doing an internship?

Different cities have different lodging accommodations, but in all locations, students are placed in a safe, comfortable setting. In Paris and Madrid, homestays are used to provide immersion into the culture of the host country. In Dublin and London students live in shared apartments or dorm style housing with other program participants. Further information about the housing options available are listed on each program web site.

What if I have other questions?

Each semester the Office of International Programs offers an Internship Information session to learn more about the program options available. In addition, students must meet with the Director of International Programs for more information about the program. Several Peer Advisors are employed by the Office of International Programs and are available to answer a wide variety of questions about living and working in an international setting. Peer Advisors have recently studied or interned abroad and are willing to meet with interested students in the International Programs Office.

Which meetings require mandatory attendance?

The Office of International Programs holds two informational sessions each academic year (September, and January). These sessions are considered to be critical in assisting you in your decision to participate in the Program. The second meeting is an individual meeting with the Director of International Programs. This interview is helpful in determining the internship placement that best suits your major and interests. It also constitutes the last step in the screening process for admission into the program. In addition, students will need to participate in a mandatory Predeparture Orientation for all our study abroad participants. A mid-semester meeting is held for all students interning. At this time you will meet other student participating in the program and have the opportunity to ask questions and receive further information. The final meeting is held near the end of the semester (and before final exam week) prior to your departure. At the final meeting instructions are given, immigration letters are distributed, and members of the Office of International Programs answers any last minute questions.

Do I need to select courses if I am going to be away for the next semester?

No. Based on information provided by International Programs, the Registrar's office will enroll students in a "placeholder" course for the duration of your internship.

When will I receive my grades?

At the end of the semester, the grade of "I" or incomplete is issued for the internship. The Office of International Programs must receive the following documentation one month after the end of the semester:

NOTE: All students must submit the materials below to the Faculty Moderator.

  • Mid-Semester and Final Evaluation from internship supervisor
  • Research Paper
  • Daily Professional Journal

NOTE: All students must submit the materials below to the Director of International Programs:

  • Program Evaluation (to be completed by student)
  • Project Description
  • Cost Estimate