Faculty Moderators

The following faculty members should be consulted regarding the assignment of a moderator for your international internship.

Department/Program Moderator
Accounting Suzanne Edinger
Biology Sheila Barry
Chemistry Louis Liotta
Communication Ron Leone
Computer Science Ralph Bravaco
Criminology Anne Marie Rocheleau
Economics Bob Rosenthal
Education Karen Anderson
English Barbara Estrin
Environmental Science Sue Mooney
Finance  Cristina Muise 
Foreign Languages Antonio Barbagallo
Healthcare Administration Mitch Glavin
History Shane Maddock
International Business Jennifer Swanson
International Studies Ana Ohanyan
Management Jim Lee
Marketing  Brian Glibkowski
Mathematics  Ralph Bravaco
Philosophy  Richard Capobianco
Physics Michael Horne
Political Science Ana Ohanyan
Psychology Michael Tirrell
Religious Studies Mary Joan Leith 
Sociology Anne Marie Rocheleau
Visual & Performing Arts Allyson Sheckler* 

* Denotes that department may designate another moderator depending on the focus of the specific international internship.