For Returning Students


To obtain an official transcript from your abroad semester, contact your indivicual program provider. Most program providers will send one transcript to Stonehill College and one to your home address, approximately one month after the end of the abroad program. Your transcript will not be released by your program if you have any outstanding financial obligations incurred while participating on an abroad program.

Transitioning Home & Reentry

As you begin your transition to life back at Stonehill, you might want to reflect on your abroad experience and may even consider going abroad after graduation, to work, volunteer or for graduate school. The Office of International Programs can assist you and direct you through this process. Below are a number of useful resources for returned students.

Handbooks & Toolkits

Websites & Online Publications

Resources and Returnee Conferences/Workshops

Writing about your Experience

Welcome Back Events

Welcome Back Reception

Held in the beginning of each semester for students returning from study/intern abroad, this one hour reception includes a welcome dinner, group reflection exercises, tips for coping with the challenges of reentry, ideas for future international opportunities, and the results of our bi-annual photo contest.

Marketing your International Experience

Attend a session hosted by the Office of International Programs and Career Services and learn how to market your abroad experience to prospective employers or graduate schools.

Peer Advisor Program

The OIP Peer Advisor Program offers returning students the chance to mentor prospective study abroad students and serve as a resource for their host country and for the study abroad experience and process in general. Each semester, 5-6 students are chosen for this program.

For more details on the Peer Advisor program and to download an application, click here.

Meet the OIP's current Peer Advisors