For Students Currently Abroad

Students currently abroad may find the following useful during your semester and as you think about the transition back to life at Stonehill.

Pre-Departure Orientation Presentation

Transfer Credit for Courses Taken Abroad

Please make sure the courses you are currently taking at your foreign institution have all been approved by the Office of International Programs. If you have made any changes to your courses, please contact the Office of International Programs.

Library Resources While Abroad

The MacPhaidin Library has designed a guide to help you easily access academic resources and research while abroad. Click here for more information.


All students studying or interning abroad are required to have overseas supplemental insurance to cover any accident or sickness that may occur while abroad. Most study abroad programs provide supplemental insurance through a number of insurance carriers for the duration of the study abroad program. Information about the overseas insurance plans may be found on the specific study abroad program provider web sites. For those programs that do not provide insurance, Stonehill College will purchase insurance through AIG WorldRisk travel policy on behalf of each student and provide an emergency card and information on the insurance plan. Additional information about insurance coverage can be found on our insurance page

Claims Process

If an accident or emergency should occur abroad, students should seek treatment or care immediately, inform on-site Directors and advisors, contact the Office of International Programs, and inform their parents/guardians. In addition, students must inform their overseas insurance carrier about any incident where medical treatment is provided. An emergency card will be provided by your study abroad program and will have a phone number that may be called 24/7 in the event of an accident or injury. The insurance company may be able to direct pay the expenses for medical care to the health care provider or hospital, but in most cases students will need to complete a Claim Form and submit all receipts for medical treatment for reimbursement. Claim Forms will be made available to students through their study abroad program and/or insurance carrier. Students with questions about their particular coverage should contact their study abroad program provider directly for more information.

Your E-mail Address

In order to receive vital information from the College while abroad, please let us know if your e-mail address has changed.