Course Selection & Approval

Course Selection

Each term, the Registrar's Office posts the schedule of courses for the following semester on the Registrar's homepage. The spring schedule of courses is typically available in mid-October while the fall schedule of courses is posted in mid-March. The Registrar's Office notifies students regarding the availability of the course listing as well as instructions and deadlines pertaining to course selection via Stonehill email each semester.

Students who have difficulty selecting courses online via the internet are able to provide their course choices to the Registrar's Office via phone (508-565-1315), email or fax (508-565-1434). Students are asked to provide the following information when phoning, emailing, or faxing their selections to the Registrar's Office:

  • Name and Class Year
  • Major, 2nd Major (if applicable), and Minor (if applicable)
  • Course Numbers ? Course Sections
  • Course Titles

Students in need of course advisement while abroad may contact the Office of Academic Services for assistance. The Registrar's Office does their best to provide students with their requested course schedule while following course pre-requisites and scheduling priorities set forth by each academic department.

To ensure that courses taken abroad will transfer to Stonehill, all courses taken at a foreign university must be pre-approved by the appropriate department chair and the Office of  International Programs.

Course Approval Process

  1. Gather course descriptions and syllabi from program websites and guides.
  2. Select a number of alternate courses in your major/minor, General Education requirements and electives in the event that your first choice courses are not available.
  3. Meet with the department chair associated with the course you want approved.  Be sure the chairperson signs the Study Abroad Course Approval form* and indicates the equivalent Stonehill course codes on the approval form. Be sure to have alternate courses approved.
  4. Next, schedule an appointment with an International Programs office staff member to discuss your abroad options and course choices.    Provide OIP with all course descriptions and syllabi (major, minor, general education, electives, first and alternate choices).
  5. Submit the completed white and yellow copy of the Study Abroad Course Approval form to the Office of International Programs. Retain the pink copy for your records.
  6. Continue to work with your department chairpersons and the Office of International Programs with any changes to your approved plan of study while you are abroad.

 Please consult this Course Approval Guide for helpful tips and advice.