Document Submission Checklist

The following documents must be submitted to the Office of International Programs prior to the end of the semester:

  1. Copy of your passport (front page only);
  2. Personal/emergency contact information + 1 passport size photo;
  3. Completed course approval form
  4. Study Abroad non-refundable deposit request form (see Forms) , including the acceptance letter from your provider

Pre-Departure Orientation

Download the current pre-departure orientation presentations for students studying and interning abroad during the spring 2018 semester:


You must have a valid United States passport in order to leave or re-enter the U.S. Once you leave the country, your U.S. passport will be your most valuable possession. Whenever you travel anywhere, you should keep it with you at all times. Never pack it in a suitcase.

Need a Passport?

For complete passport information go to "Get a Passport: Study Abroad", sponsored by Institute for International Education.


You may need to obtain a visa prior to departure; this can only be done with a valid passport. Students should check with their study abroad provider for visa requirements.

If you are required to obtain a visa, Stonehill College will provide students with some of the necessary documentation for the visa application, prior leaving campus for the semester.

Several Peer Advisors are available during the semester to assist students with the visa application process. Please consult our Events & Program page for the day, time and location of a visa workshop.

Travel Health & Safety

Stonehill's Health Services has assembled a list of additional health recommendations, immunizations and travel clinic locations, information on traveling with food allergies, and more. 


Some study abroad programs include supplementary insurance, while others may not. Students whose abroad program does not provide additional insurance, should apply for insurance coverage through AIG WorldRisk travel policy. For more information, please visit our insurance page

Money Management and Budgeting

Money Management Session

On-Campus Housing

If you are currently a resident student and wish to live on campus again upon your return from a semester or year abroad, you must notify Residence Life:

  • Complete the room and board contract/application, which can be found on MyHill under the MyCampus tab. The section is labeled "MyHousing."

If, after completing this form, you change your study abroad or internship plans, or if you have specific questions about your assignment, please email Residence Life at

 Once you've done this, you will have "officially notified" Residence Life of your intent to study or intern abroad.

Airline Tickets and Airport Pickup

Please contact your study abroad program provider for specific instruction on purchasing airline tickets and the availability of airport pickup.

Continuing Your Cultural Research

Further prepare yourself for living in your new host-country by reviewing information on the cultural norms, taboos, business practices, etiquette, history and current politics of your study abroad destination.

BBC Country ProfilesCommisceo Global Country Guides | Culture Crossing GuideDiversity Abroad Destination Guide | Geert Hofstede's Cultural DimensionsU.S. Department of State Destination Information


Ready to get started? Watch these videos for tips on planning your experience!