Study Abroad

Stonehill students may choose from a variety of study abroad programs throughout the world. Study abroad programs are available to students from all majors and students earn transfer credit for courses successfully completed abroad. Currently, there are over 130 approved programs available to students, which can be viewed on our Approved Programs List. The Office of International Programs is responsible for making sure that all approved programs are consistent with Stonehill's principles and standards and are reviewed on a regular basis. The approval of a specific international program centers on academic standards, but also extends to the extra-curricular and cultural part of the program, as well as student support services offered by the provider and university abroad.

International Internships

Stonehill's International Internship Program offers internships in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Internships are available to students from all majors and are in a variety of fields such as advertising, business, biology, journalism, education, health care, law, psychology, politics, sociology and theatre. Students accepted into the program intern for a full-semester, typically during their junior year, or first semester of senior year. Upon successful completion, students are granted 15 credits. Housing varies among the cities, however a local coordinator in each location welcomes the students upon arrival, assists with housing arrangements and remains available during the internships should the student need assistance.


Choosing a Program

When choosing a program or location, your son or daughter will need to take into consideration many factors. Students need to consider the academic requirements of their major/minor, follow their four-year plan, have a certain language proficiency if considering a non-English speaking country and personal interest in a particular country or region of the world. The staff members in the Office of International Programs are available to assist students with this decision and to discuss available options.