Promoting the International Experience

Often times, the idea of studying or interning abroad occurs in the classroom. Students aren't always aware of the options available and are unsure if being abroad for a semester or year could fit into their major. All students should know that by planning ahead, students in any major can go abroad.

Faculty members are encouraged to become familiar with the abroad process and how it works within their department, such as which locations offer strong programs for students and course options that are often taken abroad. In addition, many faculty integrate an international component into their curriculum, discuss with students how internationalization can be seen everywhere and encourage students to participate. Curriculum integration is aimed at encouraging the student to think about why they want to go abroad, where they want to go abroad and how this will have an impact on their academic, professional and personal development.

If you have international background or travel experience, we encourage you to share your experience with your students and discuss the impact it has had on your life.