Recycling Paper & Co-Mingled Containers

Stonehill College has contracted with recycling vendor NRRA (Northeast Resource Recovery Association) to pick up and process our recycling.

Recycling bins are located in all offices on Campus as well each residence hall. Facilities Management empties these bins on a weekly schedule, and their contents are place in a large container behind Roche Dining Commons. These containers are emptied regularly by NRRA who then transports this material to central distribution center and issues the College a report. If you would like a recycling bin please submit a work request here.

Stonehill now does single stream recycling.  This means that you no longer have to separate paper and plastic in to different bins.  Now you can combine paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, etc. into one recycling container.  Click here to see a graphic of what is included in single stream recycling.

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