Recycling Program

Recycling is a great way to help the environment, and Facilities Management is greatly interested in assisting, but we can not do it alone.  We must have the cooperation of students, faculty, and staff. The concept is simple: recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources.

Green Cleaning

In March of 2012 we invited representatives from Clean Green Solutions and Rochester Midland Corporation to train our custodians on green cleaning.  They all successfully completed training and testing in "Rochester Midland's Certified Green Housekeeping Program" which is a recognized LEED program.  So now all of our custodians are registered LEED certified in green cleaning!  Click here to see the certificate.

Congratulations Stonehill College

Your commitment to the College's "Stonehill Goes Green" program has amounted to a total of 71 tons of materials recycled so far this fiscal year (7/1/17 - 12/31/17).  That's a savings of 1,211 trees!  Follow this link to view a chart of the year at a glance data.

Keep up the great work!

We have seen much success since the inception of the Recycling Program on October 10, 1991.  We are constantly working to expand this program to make it as effective as possible.  Currently we recycle the following items cans, plastic & glass bottles, Paper & Co-mingled Containers (tin food cans from the Dining Commons & non-redeemable plastic bottles), batteries, glass, cell phones,  computer/electronic equipment, fluorescent tubes (light bulbs), inkjet & laserjet ink cartridges, waste oil, old college furniture, and mattresses.

Browse through our pages to see how you can participate in the Recycling Program.  While you're here check out our information on Recycling Facts.