Hire a Student

Once you know the student you would like to hire, you will need to officially hire him/her in PeopleAdmin.  Please note that this step is only the beginning of the hiring process for the student.  The hiring process is not considered complete until the student completed all required Payroll paperwork and the Student Employment Office has created a timesheet for the student.  You will receive an email notification once the hiring process is complete.  The student MUST NOT work until the completion of the hiring process.

Click here for detailed Hire a Student instruction

Rehire a Student

The Rehiring Process is only for a student who has worked for you and is returning for the same position!  You may rehire students for both Academic and Summer positions.  The Academic position number begins with "61" and the Summer position begins with "62".

The steps to rehire a student are processed through myHill and NOT in PeopleAdmin.

Before you can proceed with the Rehire process, please ensure that you have the Luminis Channel installed on myHill. 

Click Here to install the Luminis Channel on myHill

Click Here for detailed Rehire a Student instruction