Students are awarded two different types of work-study:

  • Federal Work-Study – On-campus jobs and for off-campus jobs that require FWS eligibility
  • Stonehill Work – On-campus jobs only

If you are eligible for work-study it would appear in the Financial Aid section of myHill. You must accept your work-study award to use it.

Students must have a work-study award to apply for a student job on campus. Students not awarded work-study may request an award in Student Financial Assistance after the fourth week of school.

There is no job placement or guarantee of a job but rather the award is the limit to the amount you may earn during the academic year. Students are responsible for securing their own employment.

No, work-study awards do not appear on the student account.  The only way to receive these funds is by working and getting paid for this work.  Students can manage these funds the way they see fit.

Nothing happens to a student's financial aid if the work-study funds are not utilized.  All other awards remain unchanged.

Students search for their own jobs by going to the Student Employment database at The job search and hiring process generally takes several weeks.

Yes, students can have up to three different jobs in an academic year.

Students are recommended to work 15 hours per week and up to 20 during the academic year. 

All forms can be obtained by going to myHill/myServices. Once all forms have been completed, please return them in person to the Payroll Office, Merkert-Tracy #163.


  •  This is my first job on campus. What forms do I need to complete:
    • W-4 Form
    • M-4 Form
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • I-9 Form - If you have a U.S. Passport it will be the only document you need to provide for this form. If not, a driver’s license or another photo ID and an original social security card or a birth certificate must be brought in person to the Payroll Office – photocopies are not acceptable.
  • I am going to return to the same academic year position. What forms do I need to complete?
    • If you are returning to the same position you had in the prior year, your supervisor should have already placed you on a rehire list and there is no additional paperwork necessary for you to complete unless your bank account has changed.
    • New Direct Deposit Form (if applicable)
  •  I am going to work a different academic year position from last year. What forms do I need to complete?
    • Once you have applied and been hired, there is no additional paperwork necessary for you to complete unless your bank account has changed.
    • New Direct Deposit Form (if applicable)

Once you secure a position, you will need to complete the set of requirements listed above that are applicable to your job status. You may not start working until all forms are completed and turned into the Payroll Office.

If you have completed all of your employment paperwork and do not have a timesheet, please contact the Payroll Office to make sure that all of your requirements are completed and you have been authorized to start working.