Publication Tips

Story Ideas

In our ongoing work with the media, from the Enterprise in Brockton to The Boston Globe to NPR to the BBC, we are often asked to present quotable sources of analysis on developing issues in the news.

If your area of academic interest involves a breaking issue or an engaging news story, please let us know. We also help faculty members develop and share timely commentary pieces with major newspapers. Please don't hesitate to call us to help bring your thoughts and insights to the attention of a wider media audience.

We are also interested in hearing about new classes, campus programs, innovative scholarship initiatives, creative collaborative work and research. If your department is sponsoring a conference on campus, please contact us with the details as soon as they are available. While media do not send reporters to cover most conferences as a rule, we may be able to help share your event's merits or outcomes with the right people, including those who publish announcements of conferences open to the public.

Let us know about recognition, awards, fellowships and grants you may be receiving, unusual new-on and off campus projects, and the greatest accomplishments of your students. New studies in the works, as well as those soon to be published, are of particular interest to the communications office. If your work is slated to appear in a academic journal, please tell us as far in advance as possible.

Community service projects, support from-or new partnerships with-state or national agencies, may make for an interesting news item. Tell us about new books you may gave written or edited that are scheduled got publication as soon as you hear from the publisher. Please remember: the more details and the greatest advance notice of any possible news item we receive, the better.

Not All News Makes The News

Finally, we ask for your understanding. We are a small office, one that covers a lot of the territory and sometimes we have to prioritize where and how we deploy our resources. Please know that, in those circumstances, we will endeavor to be fair and candid with you as we assess whether we can make use of your story idea or suggestion.

Making the News:  A Guide to Getting Your Story Covered

Stonehill faculty and other members of the community have news to share every day. As part of our work showcasing the College's most important strategic messages and accomplishments to local, regional, and national audiences, we may be able to help you reach out to the news media with your story.

While not every event, award, or departmental announcement merits a media advisory or press release, your news is important to us-and we do want to hear abut every possible news item. Our work cultivating the trust and confidence of editors, reporters, and other newsroom contacts means we need to carefully select those stories we bring to their attention.

Sharing News

If you or other members of your department have news to share with the campus or the world, we encourage you to let us know about it first. Your story may be relevant to the news media, or may be developed into an informative item for the web site or the Stonehill Alumni Magazine.

Let Us Do the Leg Work

While the temptation to call on news media yourself with media suggestions may be great, we encourage you to help our office to initiate contact in all of the College's media outreach.

Our efforts to showcase Stonehill's people and programs in the best possible way involve careful planning, professional contact, and a commitment to presenting the most accurate information to the right people at the most appropriate time.

This is how the College continues to gain and maintain credibility among the media. As news organizations evolve and grow, and as emerging technologies present changes and new opportunities in the delivery and consumption of news, maintaining this credibility is more important than ever.

A Unified Appearance

Never before have newsrooms received so much information from so many organizations and individuals seeking their attention. Therefore, it is crucial for media decision makers to immediately recognize news releases and other important information distributed by Stonehill College for their consideration. 

For this reason, we seek to present a unified appearance in all materials shared with the news media and have worked to develop a streamlined professional image in all correspondence, letterhead, informational releases and electronic distributions to news contacts.