Rape Aggression Defense Program

R.A.D. is a self-defense program for women based on teaching simple techniques to improve personal safety. It was originated by Lawrence N. Nadeau, a 15 year veteran of law enforcement, using techniques taught in police work, and simplifying them so his 50-year old mother could successfully execute them.

Stonehill College Police Officers act as R.A.D. instructors -- both for academic and physical portions of the course. It is an opportunity to learn simple techniques that will allow you to avoid danger when possible or escape as a last option.

Why Should I be Interested in R.A.D.?

Studies of sexual assault victims and those who have avoided a sexual assault situation have repeatedly shown that when there is no resistance to attack, rape is inevitable. Those who have had at least some self-defense training are the most likely to avoid an attack, using a combination of screaming and physical resistance.

Who Can (and Should) Participate?

R.A.D. is designed for women only.