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As a result of the tragic events of April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech, all colleges and universities began the process of a comprehensive review of their institution's emergency response plans. The following details Stonehill's own review process to date.

Emergency Management Plan

Stonehill College began its review process this past summer and has completed a draft of a detailed Emergency Management Plan that addresses many of the areas of concern in the Virginia Tech Report. This draft is currently under review and will be presented to the President for final approval. Once approved, the plan will be tested through a number of table top exercises conducted by the Emergency Response Team. The Crisis Management Committee will assess the effectiveness of the plan.

Emergency Preparedness Review

The review process and final report on the Virginia Tech incident, commissioned by the Governor of Virginia, compiled over 70 recommendations directed to colleges, universities, mental health providers, law enforcement officials, emergency service providers, law makers, and other public officials in Virginia and elsewhere.

Please take a moment to read the Emergency Preparedness Review document that details 37 of the recommendations made by the Virginia Tech report that have a direct impact on colleges and universities and should be addressed in their policies and procedures.

Report on Campus Safety Initiatives

Also included here for your reference is the Report on Campus Safety Initiatives which contains:

  • a review of the security measures that have been completed during this past year
  • a review of security initiatives planned for FY 2009, as well as
  • the detailed findings on the requirements of implementing an armed police unit within the Campus Police Department.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The purpose of this report is to provide essential information about the Stonehill College Campus Police Department and the services that we provide. Please pay particular attention to the educational programs and the crime prevention tips offered within.


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The Mission of the Stonehill College Police Department is to provide comprehensive law enforcement services that enhance the educational mission of the college.