Personal Safety Escort

We want you to feel safe walking on the Stonehill campus. The escort service provided by the Stonehill Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I request an escort?

Call the campus police dispatch at 508-565-1000 or dial "0" from the blue light telephones or other security phone boxes. Tell the operator your name and exact location, destination, and a call back telephone number. An officer will be dispatched and respond as soon as possible. In most instances the officer will respond in a timely manner, however an emergency situation may dictate a longer waiting period for the escort. Please be patient.

Where can I be escorted to and from?

From one point to another within the areas normally patrolled by the Stonehill Police Department. The shift supervisor may use his/her own discretion with escorts off-campus limited to a one-mile radius.

What are the hours during which I may request a Safety Escort?

The service is available for Stonehill students, faculty and staff arriving or departing campus anytime especially during the evening hours.

What are the restrictions of this escort service?

The escort service is NOT intended to be a taxi service. We strongly encourage you to walk in pairs or small groups especially late at night. Inappropriate use of the service takes Stonehill Police away from regular patrol and campus safety issues.

The escort service will not provide transportation to the following off-campus locations: Escorts to places of employment, airports, bus terminals, medical appointments, restaurants, drinking establishments, etc. The escort service will not provide transportation for individuals or groups who display disruptive behavior before or during an escort. Stonehill Police reserve the right to refuse service to disruptive individuals. No pets or animals allowed except for a personal aid animal.

Special Note: LOT #17:

We recommend after making a telephone call from the "blue light" telephones at the entrance or center section of the lot, you wait by the telephone for the Stonehill cruiser or mountain bike officer to arrive. Tell the Campus Police Dispatcher, you are waiting by the center section (middle of the lot) or front (entrance to Lot #17) emergency telephone.

If calling by a cell phone, stay in your vehicle with the doors locked until the officer's arrival. Any question on the escort service can be directed to the Stonehill Police Department during business hours at (508)565-5555.

Don't forget to give the operator the make, model, and location of your vehicle if you decide to wait in the vehicle after calling for the escort. Example: " I am in a blue Honda Civic parked in the rear center section."