Student On-Campus Parking Permits

To apply for an on-campus parking permit:

In order to apply for a parking decal online, please go to the "myCampus" tab on "myHill." Click on the "myParking" link under "Security and Parking" which will bring you to the "myParking" page. Click on "Apply for a Permit" and follow the instructions. Once you have completed the registration process, you may pick-up your parking decal at the Campus Police Department. Please bring the following items with you:  a copy of your myhill vehicle registration, a valid DMVvehicle registration, proof of insurance, a valid drivers license and your Hillcard ID. The Stonehill College parking decal must be affixed to the lower left front (driver's side) of the vehicle windshield.

All students are eligible to have vehicles on campus. Students with vehicles on campus must register their vehicles through "myParking" and purchase new parking decals each year. Please bring a copy of your online vehicle registration, a valid DMV vehicle registration, current vehicle insurance information and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in order to complete the application. These three items are required when picking up your parking decal.

The online vehicle registration app will not be available until August 1, 2016.  Parking decal fees are automatically billed to the student tuition bill once the vehicle has been registered.


  • Full year for a Resident Student: $150
  • Half year for a Resident Student: $75
  • Full year for a Commuter Student: $75
  • Half year for a Commuter Student: $37.50
  • SUMMER 2016:  $0

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits will remain available for those students who do not regularly bring a vehicle to campus. However, no Temporary Permit will be issued for more than one week at a time. Students may obtain a total of three temporary permits during the academic year. After your third temporary permit expires you will need to apply for and purchase a permit if you wish to continue to keep your vehicle on campus. The fee for a Temporary Pass is $5.00.


As in years past, students will only be allowed to park in certain locations on campus. Students who park in any location other than the designated areas are subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Anyone who has an unregistered vehicle on campus is subject to receiving a ticket and being towed off campus.

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